Protestants are (at best) Maternal Bastards!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Protestants are (at best) Maternal Bastards!

[I’ve thought of them as pseudo-Christians, but that’s a better description! – AQ Tom]

God, not needing a Mother, needed one, Maria.
You, dearest Protestant, needing a Mother, pretend you don’t need Her.Exsules filii Hevae!

A man born of unknown paternity is a bastard. The Protestant, while claiming to know his Father does not know his Mother!: a bastard of unknown maternity, he’s a man without a mother!

Assumpta est Maria!

Every man needs Mary and the Church, as God Himself does. How can you presume to need less than God Himself has decided to need? Wake up! Be born again, in Maria, in Ecclesia!
Man, know thy Mother! Amen!
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