Marcantonio Colonna revealed to be Fr Thomas Rosica

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Marcantonio Colonna revealed to be Fr Thomas Rosica

When The Dictator Pope first came out, it was said to be authored by Marcantonio Colonna: it was not until several months later that someone realised that Mr Colonna had an alibi, as he had been dead for 400 years. Accordingly, it was then “revealed” that the author was Henry Sire, then Knight of the Order of Malta. Mr Sire suffered for this, being de-knighted.However, that’s not the end of the story, as it turns out that the true author of The Dictator Pope was Fr Thomas Rosica, the be-nighted Satan Lite media mogul and alleged Catholic priest.

Rosica's waffle

“Yes, Francis is a dictator and that is a GOOD THING.”

Apologies to readers for two consecutive posts on our hero, Rosie, but he is a gift to spiritually nourishing bloggers.

Catholics tend to look down on Sola Scriptura teaching, because after all there are numerous ways to interpret certain Biblical passages, and until now it was best to interpret them in the light of tradition – that is, in the same way as the early Church did. But now we have Solus Franciscus, the view that all Catholic teaching should be torn up, and we should listen only to Pope Francis. Once you accept that, Amoris Laetitia will be your Bible, rather than, er, the Bible.


The Great Dictator, now available badly drawn on a lollipope.

Francis’s record as a dictator is not in doubt – he may have invaded the Sovereign Order of Malta, he may have made all dissidents into unpersons, he may have promoted nonentities and heretics into positions of power, his speeches reek of fanaticism, but… but… oh yes, at least he makes the trains run on time in the Vatican.


Habemus Papam!

Some of Fr Rosica’s words are a little difficult to understand. What’s all this about the Pope being free from “disordered attachments”? Does this mean the boot for his adviser, Fr James Martin SJ, as disordered an attachment as you would ever expect to see? And what is Jesuit intellectualism? Is that something to do with never making clear-cut statements, but always speaking ambiguously, so that several heretical interpretations are possible? We need to be told.

Henry Sire

Henry Sire, now believed to be a sockpuppet of Fr Rosica.

Still, the main message is clear. Previous Popes were such boring fuddy-duddies, always repeating over and over again the messages of their predecessors, of the doctors of the Church, of the apostles, of Jesus… But now the Fourth Person of the Trinity has arrived. His Coming is predicted in the Bible, “And Lo! A Fat Argentinian Dictator will come to dwell among you. And he will tell you what I should have said, but got wrong.”

Somewhere in the Book of Revelation, I fancy.

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