Request for Howlingly Absurd

A friend in Scandanvia requests, if possible, a reposting of Howl’s original “Modernist Mash” contribution from years back.

Many thanks!


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4 comments on “Request for Howlingly Absurd

  1. In the modernist Spirit of Vatican II and evolving development theories of modernists currently reigning over the Church, it has been updated. Those wishing to find the traditional Extraordinary Form of “The Modernist Mash” in the original text and rubrics may have to check with the local ordinary (or the moderator).

    “The Modernist Mash” as sung by Hans Küng , Doctor Strangelove, and special guests, the neo-Kantian Boys Choir with the Tübingen Symphony Orchestra (some spelling changes for phonetic effect and Germanic accent). Credit to Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the original 7-inch vinyl 45 “The Monster Mash” for inspiration from the sock hop era when AM radio was king. Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Swiss, Austrians, Liechtensteiners, and Dutchmen welcome to join in for proper inflection:

    “The Modernist Mash”

    I vuz vorking in ze lab late one night
    when my eyes beheld an eerie sight
    für my monster from his slab began to rise
    when suddenly to my surprise

    He did the Mash
    He did the Modernist Mash
    Modernist Mash
    It was Bugnini’s smash
    He did the Mash
    It caught on like a rash
    He did the Mash
    He did the Modernist Mash

    From my classroom in Tübingen east
    To Louvain and Notre Dame where the neo-Kantians feast
    Teilhardians all came from their humble abodes
    To get a jolt from Hans Küng’s codes

    The liturgists were having fun
    The Novus Ordo had just begun
    The guests included McCarrick
    Maciel and his son

    The scene vuz rockin’, all were digging the sounds
    Haugen and Haas on guitars backed by their Dylanesque hounds
    The tambourine bangers were about to arrive
    With their vocal group – The Altar Wrecker Five

    Out from his coffin, Roncalli’s voice did ring
    Seems he was bothered by just one thing
    He opened the lid and shook his fist
    And said, “Whatever happened to my Transcendental Twist?”

    Now everything’s cool, Jorge’s a part of the band
    Und my Modernist Mash is the hit of the land
    für you the living, this Mash was meant too
    When you get to my door, tell them Teilhard sent you

    Then you can mash
    Then you can Modernist Mash
    Modernist Mash
    It was an Enneagram smash

    Then you can mash
    You can Modernist Mash
    It caught on like a rash
    Then you can mash
    Then you can Modernist Mash (etc.)

  2. Stor tak, du er fantastisk! 👍👍👍

  3. Natürlich. Wunderbar! Wunderbar!

    Not to leave anyone out: Bavarians, Rheinlanders, Schleswig-Holsteiners, Prussians, Berliners, Frankfurters, Tyrolians, Hohenstauffen, Luxembourgers, Stockholmers, Alles welcome! If you’re near the Rhine or the Danube, “The Modernist Mash” must not be far away.

    Since we’re all in Stockholm Syndrome under the modernist Spirit of Vatican II, the more the merrier für the singalongs with Hans, the neo-Kantian Boys Choir and the Transcendental Philharmonic Orchestra.

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