by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  August 13, 2018

Purse strings are the whips to drive the change

Money, not morals, moved Hollywood moguls to stop the sex abuse of vulnerable adults by those in positions of power. So too in the Church, emptying the bishops’ coffers while still supporting the Church will move bishops to stop the homosexual predation of adults by those in power.

Canon 222 states, “The Christian faithful are obliged to assist with the needs of the Church.” This can be done in various ways so as to communicate to the bishops that they need to address the #CatholicMeToo crisis in the Church. As each diocese taxes their parish collections, one way to give but still hold bishops accountable is to earmark your donations for specific expenses in your parish — e.g., “This money can only be used to pay for the parish [roofing project, electricity bill, water bill, etc.] and may not be used for any other purpose.”

Another way to give so that the bishops still feels the pinch is to donate directly to specific diocesan organizations of your choice such as a seminary, a soup kitchen or a Catholic school, to name a few. Too many bishops simply look at the financial liability and not the principles involved before they act or don’t act.

Other ways to give creatively to the support of the Church is to give directly to your priest. If he is trustworthy, he will use your money wisely for the parish. The bishop has no legal right to a priest’s money. Industrious souls may also wish to set up a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization controlled by the laity. Donations to this fund are tax-deductible and funds can be drawn out from it to pay for specific Church organizations of your choice.

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It is sad that withholding money from various fundraisers by bishops and from their pet projects has to be used as a financial incentive for them to clean up the filth in their diocese. But that is, unfortunately, the sad state of affairs in so many dioceses today.

Watch the panel discuss how to support the Church without filling bishops’ coffers in The Download—Demand Reform.

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    Blessed Sacrament In DC Tries To Salvage Church Donations

    When I went to a weekday Mass at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in DC during last week, I saw their Aug 5 bulletin and an item caught my eye. It’s a letter from the relatively new pastor, Father Bill Foley, addressing the congregation about the McCarrick mess. Here it is.


    At first it starts out in a relatively conciliatory tone, but it isn’t long before we get to the real heart of the matter. Notice how he says that those harmed by the Cardinal might be “filled with rage” and “seek revenge”. That’s rather pejorative language, don’t you think? That’s a thinly-veiled attempt to cajole good people who’ve been hurt into not seeking redress for the harm done for them.

    Regrettably, the only way we can do that is to withhold money. Otherwise, the bishops will continue to brush off our concerns. Cardinal Wuerl demonstrated that quite amply with his dismissive attitudes towards the laity, suggesting that:
    bishops investigate themselves and each other and
    that we are not in a “massive, massive crisis”
    Why does Father Foley not recall that? Does he too think the laity are naive little bumpkins? Moreover, if he’s concerned about limiting “what the parish does to serve you”, why doesn’t he simply divulge to the congregation the donations that aren’t assessed by the Archdiocese? After all, he does opine that the withholding “will not in any significant way affect the Archdiocese”, so what harm would assessment-free support do? Yoo-hoo! Are you listening, Father Foley??

    I already laid out a strategy to starve the chancery beasts while supporting decent parishes [see comment below]. One question that each Catholic will have to answer for themselves is whether or not their individual parish warrants support. There is a matter of justice if you’re attending Mass there, sitting in their pews, using their bathrooms, etc, that might require some minimum, even if the parish is lackluster. By the way – Blessed Sacrament has been known to host pro-aborts, celebrate dissidents, etc. In all fairness to Father Foley, these insults to the Faith occurred prior to his arrival there.

    I haven’t done too extensive a search, but I haven’t seen any such dribble in any other parish bulletins. Has anyone else?


      A Suggested Plan Of Action To Cripple The Gay Apparatus In The US Church

      In light of the significant development in the McCarrick situation yesterday, that is, his ouster from the College of Cardinals and subsequent taking up of a life of secluded prayer and penance, I would have expected some sort of statement from the DC chancery to be read at Mass, as one was when he was first ordered to cease public ministry. Instead we heard – nothing! Zero-zip-nada! Crickets!

      How disingenuous! Does the chancery really take faithful Catholics to be naive simpletons? I’ve no doubt that one big reason behind their silence is that they hope McCarrick’s removal will satisfy us and that they no longer have to worry about the consequences of their aiding and abetting McCarrick throughout the years. This is pure damage control.

      For those of you who believe that the poor dears in the chancery simply didn’t have enough time to craft a decent statement, may I present this open letter regarding the situation that was released by Bishop Michael Olson of the Diocese of Fort Worth (TX)? In all honesty, I’ve had issues with Olson in the past few years as the Texas bishops seemed hell-bent on electing RINOs to offices as opposed to real pro-life people, but I appreciate his alacrity in addressing his congregation about this matter. By contrast we see how disingenuous the DC chancery really is.

      If the chancery thought their silence would cause our attention and resolve to dissipate, they are sorely mistaken. We are NOT going to relax our vigilance and we will NOT cease our prayers and actions until the vile cabal that aided and abetted McCarrick throughout the years is dismantled and those members be forced to atone for their own sins in this matter. Let’s be clear that many of these are in the DC chancery, as well as the USCCB.

      So what do we do? First, we make sure we ourselves pray and remain in the state of grace. Under no circumstances do we contemplate abandoning the Barque of Peter’ that is the mortal sin of apostasy. But there are other actions we must take, and these actions are predicated on the understanding that these bishops only understand one language from us, and that language is money.
      We must cease contributing to any diocesan collections. That includes the Cardinal’s Appeal. It means that we boycott the CCHD collection next week if we aren’t already doing so. We should be boycotting it anyway, for those monies are used to fund various anti-God leftwing organizations. For those collection envelopes, my post from a few days ago had some suggested language. Alternatively, you might want to use the envelope stuffer at the bottom.
      The Archdiocese of Washington skims 10% off the regular weekly collection at Mass. Two collections are exempted from the assessment: Christmas and Easter. Consider cessation of the weekly donations and instead put those funds into the Christmas and/or Easter collection. While it’s true that this might make for uneven cash flow, it will actually mean more money for the parish as they will keep 100% of it. Recall that McCarrick abused seminarians at his beach house. With what money was this beach house funded? Our donation dollars!
      For other localities, circumstances may vary, such as what collections are exempt, etc. Please do your own research and act accordingly.
      We must financially starve these behemoths that condone and even facilitate such horrid crimes. As I’ve described above for the DC area, there are most likely ways to do so without detriment to decent parishes. Let’s get going.

      The envelope stuffer mentioned above:


  2. C’mon guys and gals, you know that the only way to confront thus pestilent Evil is to either withhold all donations or, find a priest who you know is striving to be faithful to his vows and give the donation to him personally. The same does for bishops – if you can find one. Look, the priesthood takes real men holding to the solemn vows they made before Almighty God! Anything else is a sacrilege and a abomination . Now know that there are still some real men who are priests and even a few who are bishops. These men must revolt against the Evil infecting the church and throw out the buggers and homo-predators by physical means. if necessary.

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