Archd. BOSTON – @bostoncatholic – Seminary and Cathedral

Archd. BOSTON – @bostoncatholic – Seminary and Cathedral

[Including wreckovation of the cathedral sanctuary!]

Have you seen that there is now an investigation of St. John’s Seminary in Boston.  Card. O’Malley announced that the rector is now on sabbatical now and he appointed a task group to examine “issues of sexual harassment or other forms of intimidation or discrimination.”

Meanwhile, I saw THIS about the Cathedral of Boston.

Alas, I think there is backward looking, 80’s thinking in the design. They could have done the job right and restored the sanctuary to what it was intended to look like by the people who built it, so long ago. Instead, there is a ridiculous table little provision for a Communion rail, which will have to be restored when more traditional Catholics are the only one’s still going to Mass in the future. Demographics are shifting and they are looking backwards, not forwards.

I hope they haven’t been looking “backwards” at the seminary. If anyone will conduct a good investigation, it will probably be O’Malley, since he has enormous reputation to lose. However, I also ask: Do bishops know what is going on in their seminaries… if they still have one? If not, why not?

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