Missouri bishop decries McCarrick’s deeds and ‘the silence of so many bishops’

[Ask one of His ex-Eminence’s beneficiaries and enablers]
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Catholic World News – 8/9/18
Editor’s Note: “It is almost unbearable,” said Bishop Shawn McKnight of Jefferson City. “How could a brother bishop disrespect with such callousness the dignity of young boys, seminarians and priests over decades and no one called him on the carpet? It is inexplicable to me.”
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4 comments on “Missouri bishop decries McCarrick’s deeds and ‘the silence of so many bishops’

  1. “It is inexplicable to me.” Say what? After the ream of BS we have seen emanate from Rome since VII, it is inexplicable to you? Are you for real? What kind of a Mass (?) is said in your churches, my friend? The real Mass or as Bennie the XVI called it a banal fabrication. That’s right, he said it, and then went on to say the banal fabrication himself along with all his minions. Are you willing to mandate the real Mass in your parishes or are you one of those who speaks one way but does another? See the post: THE RESTORATION – ONE BY ONE on these pages and then let’s talk business.

    • “What happened after the Council was something else entirely: in the place of liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy. We abandoned the organic, living process of growth and development over centuries, and replaced it– as in a manufacturing process — with a fabrication, a banal on-the-spot product.” Cardinal Josef Ratzinger from the preface of the book “The Reform of the Roman Rite” by Msgr. Klaus Gamber”

  2. The series on TIA by Dr. Byrne, formerly a prominent LMS leader in England, lays out an exacting, scholarly treatise on all the small steps taken, going back to the days of Pope Pius XI, by the “Liturgical Movement” to relentlessly turn the Mass and other Sacraments into protestant-friendly “services.”
    It is a devastating indictment and folks should thoroughly study her work for a deeper understlanding of just how evil manipulators wormed their way to “success” long before Paul VI and his Nervous Ordeal even existed on paper.
    As Canon Gregory Hesse insisted with great emphasis, Modernists lie, cheat and steal to achieve their wicked goals.

  3. My parents were telling me (they know I’ve always been a traditionalist so it must of been hard for them to tell me) that their Novus Ordo church, like so many others are in the red. Attendance almost non existent etc. Yet sadly they and so many other pro-Vatican II apologists fail to see the big picture in WHY the Church of the last 60 years is in the condition it’s in. Maybe, just maybe we “Self-absorbed Promethean Neo-pelagians” have been right all along?! No, because the people I know who defend the train wreck of the last 60 years will never admit that, at least the people in my family and friends who defend it won’t.

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