by Church Militant  •  August 7, 2018

President of Catholic League admits he knew and did nothing

[Nothing about this on the Catholic League website; a blot, nay a blight, on Battling Bill’s record! – AQ Tom]

Bill Donohue is admitting he knew about the sexual misconduct of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick — and did not act.

The president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights said on the August 6 podcast of Ave Maria Radio’s “Morning Glory”:

I am concerned that there are people like Cdl. Farrell who lived with McCarrick for six years and said he never heard of this. How did I hear of it? I knew of it. Everybody knew about it. Everyone heard rumors about what was going on down in Sea Girt, on the New Jersey Shore. I couldn’t verify anything. Who am I? You hear rumors. A lot of rumors are untrue. These rumors turned out to be true.

In the same podcast, Donohue says he has full confidence Cdl. Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. — someone he has vigorously defended in the past — will “get to the heart” of the matter. Wuerl has been roundly mocked by Catholics for proposing that a solution to the clerical sex abuse crisis exposed through McCarrick is to allow the U.S. bishops to investigate themselves. Critics also don’t believe Wuerl when he claims he knew nothing about sex abuse committed by McCarrick — who has lived in his archdiocese for years and with whom he has worked closely.

Donohue makes half a million dollars in salary and benefits as head of his non-profit, which sits on $35 million in assets. Describing itself as “the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization,” the Catholic League is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity, whose public charity status is based on the fact that it “receives a substantial part of its support … from the general public.”

As much as 86 percent of the Catholic League’s annual revenue comes from small donations from “rank and file” Catholics, and only a fraction of that money (under $3 million per year) is being used toward Catholic activism. The rest is sitting in an investment account with Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) annually accruing nearly $500,000 of interest — just enough to cover Donohue’s salary.

CBIS has come under fire for holding stock in pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-gay organizations, as well as with corporations that distribute pornography. Not only is the Catholic League aware of this, it seems to have no problem with it.

According to a 2014 survey, the median salary of non-profit CEOs was $100,000. Those with a higher operating budget make more. found that charities with more than $200 million in expenses report a median CEO salary of $526,000, whereas charities with $1–3 million in total expenses report a median pay of $97,000.

Catholic League’s expenses in 2013 were $2.83 million. Yet Donohue is making as much as CEOs in charities expending $200 million.

In spite of this goldmine, Donohue sends out letters begging for more, even asking supporters to contribute money to fight against the very companies CBIS profits from. Catholics who donate presume their money is being used to defend the Faith; what they don’t know is that most of it is being sunk into Catholic League’s fat financial portfolio, managed by a very questionable firm.

Donohue has consistently defended his friends of high rank in the Church, including Wuerl and Cdl. Timothy Dolan.

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, whom Cdl. Wuerl punishedfor denying Communion to a lesbian Buddhist.

In 2012, Wuerl came under fire for punishing a priest who attempted to protect the Blessed Sacrament. Father Marcel Guarnizo, a visiting D.C. priest, quietly withheld Holy Communion from an active lesbian Buddhist at Mass, safeguarding the Sacred Host from profanation as well as protecting the communicant from bringing greater judgment on her soul. He acted as any faithful priest should — yet Wuerl swiftly brought down the hammer, stripping Guarnizo of his priestly faculties and banning him from active ministry in his diocese. Wuerl apologized to the lesbian Buddhist while leveling unfounded charges of “intimidation” against the priest (who was never given a chance to defend himself).

Donohue evidently had no problem with any of this, instead jumping to the cardinal’s defense. After journalist George Neumayr wrote a column critical of the affair, rightly condemning Wuerl for exposing the Eucharist to sacrilege, Donohue issued a public statement scolding Neumayr for his “scary” dogmatism and labeling him a “right-wing fanatic.” (That seems to be Donohue’s go-to pejorative when it comes to orthodox Catholics who criticize his high-profile colleagues.) Donohue concluded by saying “Wuerl is a real man” and “I have nothing but respect for him.”

Cdl. Timothy Dolan served as Grand Marshal at the2015 NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the first time in its

history it allowed a gay group officially to march.

But the D.C. prelate isn’t the only one Donohue has shielded. New York cardinal Timothy Dolan has also benefited from Donohue’s protection. In Donohue’s own words, “Cardinal Dolan has no more rabid supporter than Bill Donohue.” When Dolan invited President Barack Obama to be a keynote speaker at the annual Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in 2012 — a $2,500-a-plate affair at the Waldorf-Astoria organized by the New York archdiocese, where cardinals rub shoulders with well-heeled, pro-abortion Democrats — the faithful were outraged, many thousands signing a petition asking that Dolan follow the example of his predecessor cardinals and rescind the invitation or refuse to attend. After all, not only is Obama the most radically pro-abortion, pro-homosexualist president in the history of the nation, he was, at the time, locked in a bitter feud with the Church over the HHS contraceptive mandate, trying to force the Church to go against Her teachings and bend to his executive will.

Dolan discounted their pleas, and Donohue went on Lou Dobbs’ Tonight and “vigorously defended Dolan’s decision,” writing off faithful Catholics aggrieved by the matter as “piety police” — a phrase that brought about sniggering from Dobbs.

In light of all this, and especially considering Donohue admits he knew about McCarrick’s vile behavior and did nothing to investigate (his well-placed friends in the hierarchy could have verified it for him), those donating to Catholic League should stop giving and start demanding answers.


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  1. Now I’m kicking myself for not being cynical ENOUGH! My very savvy, late spiritual director, a TLM priest, once mentioned he heard Donohue speak
    at a convention. “He’s full of himself,”
    was all the good Father said.

  2. Finally someone is exposing this loud mouth loser !This shill for the bishops is paid an outlandish amount of money to protect them from criticism and accusations of their complicit behavior in covering up their involvement in sex abuse scandals throughout decades in the church . Most of Donahue’s statements of support of these Cardinals and Bishops is laughable, and should not be given any credibility ! The guy is a blustering buffoon, who tries to bully anyone who disagrees with him. I cannot believe anyone sends him any money or subscribes to his drivel !

  3. A Catholic layman “hearing rumors” about the sexual preferences and homo practices of a bishop or priest does not place that layman in a position to make a public accusation or to do anything about it. There are laws about slander.

    Bill may be imperfect but it is not his fault that the modernist clergy were infiltrated by predatory homosexuals. We all “know” that is the cause of much of the heresy at Notre Dame and Georgetown, but is the media really interested in getting to the bottom of that? No. They support the homosexualization of the institutional Church because most homos pretending to be priests support the liberal agenda in politics and can be relied upon to give cover to pro-abortion politicians. The media want homo perverts causing havoc, heresy, and disorientation in the Catholic Church. That is why Father Martin is the darling of the liberal media.

  4. Donohue is part of the media, albeit of the self-described advocacy stripe. His product includes regular reportage and cross-references to media output. That, if I may be so bold to suggest, puts him in a different category than an ordinary layman. Joe Pewsitter isn’t raking in half a mil annually in pay and bennies, all funded by NeoKathlyks paying him to portray an institutional image they wish to project. He is a very prominent voice in the Catholic public eye and a large percentage of Catholics look to him for news and opinions.
    The charge that Battlin’ Bill has served as a shield in this crisis by not reporting the damage McCarrick was doing really does merit public scrutiny and repudiation.

  5. Homosexuals and Communists, together with help from anti-Catholic secret societies, engineered the destruction of Jesuit and Catholic institutions of learning. It is a fact that McCarrick was one of the signers of the Land O’Lakes conference statement ( a homosexual pederast) and Theodore Hesburgh was a paid agent of the Rockefeller Foundation to soften Catholics up to population control at Notre Dame (on behalf of the Illuminati and freemasons). What mainstream media reporter is going to cover that story? And, if that happened, do you expect Pope Francis or any other cardinal or bishop in the hierarchy to do anything about it?
    The working document for modernists in Catholic higher education are using anti-Catholic blueprints for the destruction of Catholic education. OK, run with it, Bill, see what happens.

  6. Suppose the USCCB hires a lay commission to investigate the homosexualization of the priesthood, seminaries, and hierarchy. How likely is it that any real changes will come from that?

  7. I don’t see even a remote possibility of a genuine solution; id est, massive firings and hell-to-pay reforms, coming from the “institutional establishment.” The pervert network running the USCCCP and Rome has far too much money, power and blackmail evidence tucked away to allow anything short of state-sponsored criminal investigations to come too near them.
    It “could” come to that. However, even that seems largely likely to fail, as well.
    The pervert-as-the-ideal-citizen Zeitgeist throughout the West and the fact that 90% of the world already hates the strict morality upheld by the Church (including a vast percentage of its own members) will invariably clog the wheels of criminal justice.
    All Mt. McKarakatoa and its fallout will create, I suspect, is a relatively brief era ahead of futile fury by decent folks whose ultimate disappointment will eventually overwhelm them, creating even more disaffected faithful than we see now.
    A vast majority of guilty prelates will go on to cushy retirement while more sod-clerics will be tossed onto the bonfire to appease the mob.
    And the games will go on…

  8. I have previously said that while Bill is an SOB, he’s our SOB.

    He is an SOB but no longer mine but an SOB in service to the likes of Uncle Teddy McCarrick, LaDonna Cardinal and Cardinal Tiny Tim.

    • 👍 The plot thickens, doesn’t it? And the common denominators are, as always, greed and pride. Old story in new threads…
      Will EWTN’s crack newshour MC drop Battlin’ Bill, now? Inquiring minds want to know. His $35 mil warchest can still buy him a ton of influence. My guess is he will PR his way through any flak and will still be bloviating away, although it is possible EWTN supporters might settle for a brief hiatus from him. But he is one of their “rock star” performers and they will want him back onstage sooner rather than later.

  9. I have been a Catholic layman my entire life. I have never known anyone personally who reported being molested by or propositioned by Catholic priests. There were predatory homosexual clergy at Novus Ordo parishes I attended in the 1970s but that only become public knowledge decades later. When I had an academic job at a modernist Jesuit university years ago, obviously there were LGBT activists there, but I had no personal eyewitness knowledge of the sex lives of clergy on the faculty. Ergo, as a layman, I could not be a witness in a legal or canonical trial of any clergy accused.

    Have I heard “rumors”? Plenty. Are there lots of liberal modernist priests who set off gaydar detector alarms by their antics and behavior? Obviously.

    Donohue can assist in sorting through this mess and clearing the air by stating what rumors he knew and the source of them. If someone tells me, “hey, you know, our seminary is full of queers who hit the red light district every weekend” that doesn’t provide proof or evidence.

  10. Fair enough, Howl. I simply have never been comfortable with “BB.” I’m as Irish as he and I grew up surrounded by blowhards. It’s instinctual for me. So that has to figure into my reaction to him.

  11. Donahue runs a successful PR firm under the guise of defending Catholic injustice! In reality his job is to put lipstick 💄 on a pig 🐽 or pigs, in this case, swine, and have them become cuddly Miss Piggy 🐷! That is the reason for the high salary! Wuerl is about to get hammered when The Pennsylvania Sex Abuse report comes out soon ! That is why Donahue is stating he has full confidence in him ! This is laughable, but that is what PR firms try to do ! Turn crap 💩 into sweet smelling roses 🌹! Donahue even defended Weakland ! So no one should believe anything Donahue says or does, if they have half a brain 🧠! And certainly no one, should send him a dime !

  12. Savvy Wall Streeters have prob’ly been melting down Battlin’s switchboard since this story broke. He needs a ton more ROI to keep juicing his private piggy bank. No doubt, rollin’, rollin’ Dolan’s top finance people will be in on the bailout package, as well…

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