The Restoration – One by One

Here is one way to restore the Church in our time – one by one. It is simple. A bishop can take a group of traditional priests who take their solemn vows seriously, give them the faculties and jurisdiction unjustly withheld from them for years, and establish them as the sole source of doctrine and worship in his diocese. All other groups in the diocese will have to petition to be included in this chain. Not possible you say? Not if the bishop is one of the abusers himself. Not if he doesn’t have the, ahem. masculinity to act. Not if he is one of the 1100 infiltrators of Bella Dodd and the Communist Party of the USA. Not if he views his priesthood/bishopric as merely a means to an end, like his own aggrandizement. Not if he doesn’t view his job as providing the means of salvation to the sheep in his diocese.

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10 comments on “The Restoration – One by One

  1. And bishops out there, don’t tell me it isn’t possible – for all is possible with the grace of God.

  2. A most intriguing idea, phaley.
    There is one serious problem, or rather set of problems.
    Individual priests, by the hierarchical nature of the Church as constituted by Christ, are not free to just go join whatever diocese they like, nor are bishops free to “steal” priests from *other* bishops’ jurisdictions.
    Therefore, the principle of supplied jurisdiction would have to be accepted whole hog by any bishops wanting to take this route. That is, they would have to realize that they basically must ignore all the lesser canonical rules concerning hierarchy in the Church; basically ignore the *Modernist* hierarchy, including — no, especially — the pope. In other words, they would have to do just what Arb. Lefebvre did after the unjust suppression of the SSPX in 1975.
    For almost all of them, that would mean eating quite a bit of crow.
    But that’s what they should do.
    Any bishops contemplating such a radical action would perhaps want to start investigating the concept of supplied jurisdiction. A good place to start would be here:

    • This would have to be done within the diocese of the bishop concerned – i.e., within his own jurisdiction. It would be in effect a reorganization of the diocese according traditional norms. It would also be a cleaning of clergy not fully committed to their vows. But, most importantly, it would take a bishop who fully intends to be a Good Shepherd and totally unafraid of the Modernist conspirators all the way up to Francis himself.

  3. In regards to the above I mean what are they going to do to him? Replace him with a Modernist? They’re already doing that. The Faithful would have to protect him with bodyguards and I’m sure we could assemble many to do just that. Can you just see it? Traditional Catholics refusing entry to any neo-Catholic or Modernist to the dear bishop’s residence. Ah, what a delightful dream it ‘tis.

  4. How about it Aquila,? Sheridan? Berg? Nah, I didn’t think you would especially the one who posted the “Declaration” on his website. But, one day you will be asked to account for your time as Shepherd and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

    • Put me down as a bodyguard! There are a lot of people out there with the skill sets from other lives , who still train , that could make it happen ! The real problem I see, and I could be wrong, usually am, is the financial aspect. I served on the finance council of a parish with a large school ! The parish contributed two thirds of the school operating budget and financially it was touch and go to try and keep the school open ! If one feels Catholic Schools are important,and I do , one would have to find a way to make up revenue lost during the transition ! I love your idea, but I feel this organization, the Church , is so far gone , that it has to crash and burn , and a restoration of the True Church has to rise from the ashes ! The Church in existence now ,is not just Modernists, but Heritics and is not in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior! And certainly not in line with the teaching of the Magisterium! The leadership of the Church now is nothing but a bunch of cocaine sniffing homosexuals , living off tax money and donations of the 🐑 sheep ! They all need to go ! They are not saving souls ,but destroying them !

  5. My dear friend and Captain. I understand your predicament re: the school but I believe we must take the initiative with the smallest of steps and we shall see if there is any bishop out there with the guts to act in order to save souls which is really what this is all about. I laid down the gauntlet to them and it’s time to see what they’re really made of or, if they’ve ever even heard of Angelqueen or the posts thereon. I suspect they have, at least some have, but the question is – will any one of them act? It would seem that they should – to stem the tide of filth enveloping the Church in our day. God bless you, my friend.

    • I am with you Brother ! I got your six ! I guess the FUBAR moment for me is the canonization of the Modernist , Marxist, Destroyer of the Catholic Church, Active Homosexual Montini ! Everything about this is so wrong ! It is like sticking a sharp stick in the eye 👁 of every Catholic who believes in the teachings of Our Lord and Savior ! Anyway, hope your Plan gets some traction and we get to see where it goes ! God Bless ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Thank you for the Link ! It was very helpful! My wife watches Fr Armand de Malleray every week and listens to homilies from that Church every day ! Fr. de Malleray is excellent and I wish him well with his project! Hopefully more people will avail themselves of this beautiful Church and wise Priest. My big problem is with the corrupt leadership of the Church and some of the hierarchy! It is very hard to come to terms with it notwithstanding some excellent priests in the Church ! I do consider Fr de Malleray an excellent priest and holy man ! I feel the same way about Fr. Rutler in New York City ! I know one must concentrate on the good and compartmentalize the bad in the back of ones mind ! It is just difficult with these clowns 🤡 in charge in the Vatican! Thanks again for sharing this article!

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