From Age 15 McCarrick Was Groomed for the Sodomite Priesthood


From Age 15 McCarrick Was Groomed for the Sodomite Priesthood

From age 15 the now disgraced ex-Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, was groomed for the priesthood by the homosexuals in Cardinal “Nellie” Spellman’s homosexual network. McCarrick started high school at Xavier (oratory scholarship) in the fall of 1944 and completed 2 academic years there by May 1946. Then he quietly disappeared for one academic year – 16 months total counting the summer months. His story differs as to where he was. In one story he says he was “confused”. In others he says he was expelled for truancy and a third says he was making bad grades so was expelled.
After being missing for over a year he reappears at Fordham Prep and immediately zooms to the top of their “best student chart” graduating in 1949 with 3 superlatives – Best Speaker, Most Diplomatic, and Did the Most for Prep.

Given the high academic rigor of both Xavier and Fordham Prep in the 1940s, it is IMPOSSIBLE that McCarrick would have been admitted to Fordham Prep after being expelled from Xavier for either truancy or poor grades. The truth of the matter must be homosexuality – that he was caught doing something at Xavier either with a teacher or another student, Xavier quietly expelled him, and Cardinal Spellman then groomed him for a year and set him up to finish his Junior and Senior years of high school at Fordham Prep. McCarrick graduated high school in 1949, one year after his former Xavier classmates who graduated in 1948.

After graduating high school, McCarrick disappears for another year and a half. Again his stories differ. In one account he said that he and a “friend” traveled Europe; another account says he went to a Carthusian Monastery in Switzerland to “study” however never mentions what that study was. He then returns to the US and goes to Fordhan University graduating there in 1954, two academic years behind his former classmates from Xavier, some of whom also went to Fordham University and graduated from there in 1952.

In all, McCarrick, counting the summer months, was missing for almost 3 years with undisclosed whereabouts and unexplained purpose. After graduating from Fordham University he works in Cardinal Spellman’s Chancery, then has a meteoric rise to the top of the hierarchy.

The homosexuals found him, groomed him for the priesthood, covered up his sodomite proclivities, and used him (quite willingly I’m sure) to further the sodomite agenda within the Church…up to helping get Francis elected as Pope.

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One comment on “From Age 15 McCarrick Was Groomed for the Sodomite Priesthood

  1. It could be innocent, that a sugar daddy provided funds for backpacking across Europe. Than again, Switzerland could mean Commie spy school or Grand Orient Lodge training. Lenin spent some time in Bern and Zürich before his major career promotions. Switzerland is a major Illuminati center.

    Big question: who was the top Communist recruiter in New York during the Spellman era?

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