New US poll shows decline in Pope’s approval ratings

[In free fall – before l’affair McCarrick and the inadmissible-izing of the death penalty! – AQ Tom]
Catholic World News – 8/3/18
The number of American Catholics giving Pope Francis a favorable rating has declined since 2015, according to a new Pew Research poll. The proportion of respondents giving the Pontiff an “excellent” or “good” rating for spreading the faith dipped from 84 to 70%. On his handling of the sex-abuse crisis, the approval rating slipped from 55 to 45%. The poll was taken before the eruption of the latest scandal involving former cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
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One comment on “New US poll shows decline in Pope’s approval ratings

  1. They have reached peak modernism in the Spirit of Vatican II. It just goes to show you that progressive modernism is limited in its appeal. Ironically, he is losing support among conservative Protestants for his unbiblical innovations. A liberal pope actually harming ecumenical dialogue.

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