How to change the Catholic Catechism

How to change the Catholic Catechism

This is another instalment in our long-running series “How to be a good Pope“, targeted towards those of our readers who are looking forward to sitting in the hot seat and want to be fully prepared.Now, it may arise at some stage in your pontificate that your best friends are involved in homosexual scandals. After all, it could happen to any of us one day. Suppose that “Uncle Fred” (of the St Wormwood and Gall Mafia that got you the papal job) has been sodomising the wrong people. Suppose that his bosom friend Kevin Farrago denies knowing anything about it, in spite of sharing a bed home with Fred for several years. Suppose that Cardinal “The Donald” Whirl never knew that the diocesan funds had been used to pay off Fred’s victims. Suppose also that there’s another dodgy cardinal in the loop, who keeps tweeting “Nighty night snugglebum” to his sisters. Suppose that Cardinal Spinach… oh, never mind.

Trouble with the Barque of St Peter? No, you’re doing fine!

Quick! A distraction! It’s not enough to ask your friend Father Martin James to tweet some new heretical thoughts about how Jesus learned how to do miracles by talking to the little boy who was wandering round with five loaves and two fishes. No use inviting even more dodgy characters to the World Meeting of Dysfunctional Families in Dublin. Kim Jong-un has only said “maybe”, Omar al-Bashir is out massacring people, Barack Obama is playing golf, and Emma Bonino is too busy designing a more powerful bicycle pump. Oh, what can you DO?

Simple! Rewrite the Catechism. Do it secretly before announcing it, and do in a Jesuitical way, so that people will be arguing whether you have really tried to change Catholic teaching under their feet. The Death Penalty is a good one to experiment with. Now we know you’re against it, although traditional Catholic teaching hasn’t gone that far. But you can pretend that it has.

Francis and Morales and that evil artefact

“It’s for a new touchy-feely Communism, where you don’t murder the dissidents.”

Now, the language you use has to be Jesuitical, or else people will understand exactly what you’re trying to say. We’ve gone past Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Sin and Redemption. You could try “inadmissible”. That’s a good word that can mean anything.

Of course, once people have got used to receiving updates to the Catechism, perhaps by daily emails, you can change it as much as you like without worrying too much about traditional teaching. Homosexuality disordered? No, of course not. Transgenderism a delusion? Not likely! Adultery a sin? Oh COME ON, haven’t you read Amoris Laetitia?


“Bless me, Father, for I have done something inadmissible.”
“No, my daughter, the Pope has changed the Catechism, and it’s all right now.”

Meanwhile, in the popular press, it’s POPE ECCLES HAS CHANGED CATHOLIC TEACHING. If they think you can do that, maybe you really can do it?

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