The Politicization of the Church

Text: Giuseppe Nardi – Trans: Tancred – Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Politicization of the Church

Politicalized Church: What is driving the church representatives? What are their aims? Italy’s Minister of the Interior is vilified for his actions against illegal mass immigration as a “possessd”, “devil” dictator and Nazi henchman – by Church officials. How can that be? In the picture P. Alex Zanotelli (left) and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini (Lega).

(Rome) The media of the Italian Bishops’ Conference and other official Catholic media are attacking Italy’s newInterior  Minister with unprecedented sharpness. Reason is its course against the illegal mass immigration. Under the aegis of Pope Francis, a politicization of the church takes place. Here, the official church representatives have “unconditionally” committed to the globalist immigration agenda. As the?

Church as the military arm of the globalist agenda?

Matteo Salvini, national chairman of the Lega and since June 1 Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, is currently the villain of the united left. This gives Victor Orban relief in particular, and a little too Donald Trump. Hardly a day goes by that left-wing groups, some of whom identify with Marxist traditions, others to radical-liberal traditions, do not stage a media uproar. At present, they are outraged by the Salvini statement, “There is much honor in having many enemies,” as Benito Mussolini said. The intent behind it is as transparent as a high mountain stream: Salvini is to be closely comparedto a fascist dictator. In fact, it is a statement of the most famous German Landsknechtführer Jörg von Frundsberg, who said it half a millennium ago. To be specific, at a time when Martin Luther had not even formulated his Reformation theses.

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