Number of permanent deacon candidates in US has declined 16% in past 7 years 

[Another V2 innovation that peaked and is now declining in numbers (and interest – because of the possible upcoming priestly ordination of married “proven men”).  Many of the early recruits (now retiring or dying off – and without enough replacements) had previously tried a priestly or religious vocation and did not pursue it but married and had families, until the “permanent” diaconate came along to give them a “second chance” at a “clerical” vocation.  I put “permanent” in quotation marks, because some of them were ordained celibate priests after the death of a wife or annulment of a marriage! – AQ Tom]
Catholic World News – 8/2/18
Between 1975 and 2017, the number of permanent deacons in the US rose from 898 to 18,287; during the same time period, the number of priests (58,909 to 37,181) and religious sisters (135,205 to 45,605) both fell. The number of deacon candidates, however, has fallen 16% from its record high seven years ago.
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One comment on “Number of permanent deacon candidates in US has declined 16% in past 7 years 

  1. A number of interesting statistical tables in the source article for the above (Infographic: U.S. permanent diaconate marks 50 years of steady growth) especially:


    Concerning the first part: V2 supposedly restored the permanent diaconate to serve spread-out areas with few priests (such as mission territory), but a healthy plurality (40%) of the worldwide total is in the densely-settled, priest-rich USA (although becoming “poorer” in numbers of the latter) with only 7% (many nominal) of the world’s Catholics.

    The majority of women surveyed in the second part seem to say: I want to be on the altar with my hubby as an equal – not as an “inferior” such as a lector, server or minister of Communion.

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