Satan’s Church: German “Catholic Youth” Group «Best Formation» During Pro-Sodomite March

Satan’s Church: German “Catholic Youth” Group «Best Formation» During Pro-Sodomite March

[If they march to support sodomy, then as youth do they also march to support pederasty?  I put “Youth” as well as “Catholic” in quotations marks, because I don’t see many youth in the images of the group below especially the top one! – AQ Tom] – 8/1/18

A gay jury chose the «Katholische Junge Gemeinde» (Young Catholic Community) as the best formation among the 90 organisations which participated at this year’s Stuttgart Christopher Street Day, an event promoting homosexual propaganda.

The “Katholische junge Gemeinde” (KjG) is a Catholic youth organization in Germany, officially recognised and promoted by the local heterodox bishops.

During the march, the KjG displayed the slogan «Jesus also had two fathers!» and the lie, Pope Francis told a homosexual in May, “God created you that way, God loves you that way, and you should love yourself and not worry about what people say about it.”

The German bishops’ official webpage published a commentary about the scandel entiteled, «Catholics, celebrate with the homosexuals!».

One member of the gay jury awarding the KjG was the German supreme judge Jürgen Schmidt-Räntsch who since 2014 wears a wig and calls himself «Johanna».

Pro-gay Cardinal Walter Kasper, was from 1989 until 1999 diocesan bishop of Stuttgart-Rottenburg. He owes his career to John Paul II.

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