English bishops criticize court ruling on ‘vegetative’ patients

[Shades of Nazi Germany: Doctors and families are the ultimate determiners in doing away with now “uneeded” but previously “loved ones”!  Nonetheless, what happens if they collide rather than collude in their decision?  “Back to court”?- AQ Tom]
Catholic World News – 8/1/18
The UK’s Supreme Court has ruled* that a judge’s permission is no longer needed to withdraw food and water from patients in a “persistent vegetative state.” “Patients in persistent vegetative states are some of the most vulnerable in our society,” Auxiliary Bishop John Wilson of Westminster said on behalf of his brother bishops. “It is not an act of compassion to remove their food and drink in order to cause their death.”

*UK high court: judge’s permission no longer needed to withdraw food, water from ‘vegetative’ patients

Catholic World News – July 31, 2018

“It will make it more likely that severely brain-damaged patients will be starved or dehydrated to death in their supposed ‘best interests’ and that these decisions will be more influenced by those who have ideological or financial vested interests in this course of action,” said Peter Saunders, campaign director of Care Not Killing.

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