Ear Ticklers and Faith Killers: The Sodomite Problem in the Church


Ear Ticklers and Faith Killers: The Sodomite Problem in the Church

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A fairy tale for our time:

Bishop Bruskewitz heroically fought the pro-gay
bishops’ document Always Our Children written
by homosexual priest activist James Schexnayder

Once upon a time, in fact back a hundred years ago in 2002, in the Texas town of Dallas a good bishop named Fabian Bruskewitz suggested to his brothers that they examine the relationship between the clergy sex abuse crisis and dissent. But his brothers, many of whom happily coddled dissent (especially from Church teaching about sexuality) demurred. Poor Fabian couldn’t find a single supporter among his hundreds of colleagues whom he later described as “this pathetic bench of bishops.” Only among the laity were there ears willing to hear his cries.


What caused nothing but ominous silence to fill the hall when Bishop Bruskewitz called for openness, transparency, and a search for the truth of what lay behind the scandalous behavior of clerics who molested and raped children?

Why indeed?

The answer was simple. Most of the men in the room were ear ticklers and many were of the same heart and mind as the molesters. Not only that. They loved the money that poured into their coffers when they preached honeyed lies and half-truths. They feared that preaching unpleasant truths would empty the churches and their collection baskets and lead to the same government crackdown that beheaded John Baptist.

So they cried crocodile tears about the children and families whose lives were destroyed by the homosexuals they welcomed into their midst and allowed to prey on the lambs. They established policies and programs to shift the responsibility for child abuse to laity and, happily, were able to find a way that poured more money into their cash drawers. They had no real interest in curing the problem. Covering up the sins of their spiritual sons whom they encouraged to enter the seminaries was their top priority. They had no real concern for the children. They sought only to deflect attention away from themselves and their corruption. And so they allowed the wolves to continue to prowl through their cathedrals and dioceses. They put evil men in parishes with schools. They allowed dissenters and heretics to steal the faith of their charges without a word of correction. As long as the collections stayed up and their “Lenten Appeal” goals surpassed 100%, they were happy.

Until one day……

Is there, in fact, a relationship between the abuse crisis which mostly involved pederasty (i.e., sexual activity between men and boys) and dissent?

It’s a good question to bring up once again — especially when one finds bishops promoting the very activity, same sex behavior, which so often involves abuse of young men and boys. So common is that abuse that there is a gay lexicon for it. Young men, inexperienced in homosexual activity, are called “chickens” and their predators “chickenhawks.” Cardinal McCarrick was one of the chickenhawks, but he is certainly not the only one. And it would be prudent of the laity to be on guard and watch for the signs that likely identify them: pandering to the homosexual agenda and dissenting from Church teaching. Some of these evil men make no bones about who they are like Fr. James Schexnayder, the attributed author of the horrible USCCB document, Always Our Children, that had to be corrected by the Vatican. Even after correction it is a destructive document that supports the gay agenda.

“We must not let our homophobic society confine our homosexuality to the bedroom…Our homosexuality must burst forth from the bedroom and leaven all of society.”
-Father James Schexnayder

We need to recognize the ear ticklers. They need to know that the laity are on to them and will no longer be silent when they undermine the faith and promote a lifestyle that includes…no, rather makes central…the sodomizing of children.

As I watch clerics like Joseph Tobin of Newark making statements about Cardinal McCarrick, I can’t help raising my eyebrows. Cardinal Tobin said, “This latest news is a necessary step for the Church to hold itself accountable for sexual abuse and harassment perpetrated by its ministers, no matter their rank.”

Wow! What an act of courage calling the Church to be accountable! Or is it a shrewd P.R. move for a man who is himself part of the problem.

How seriously can we take Cardinal Tobin who himself welcomed active gays to a diocesan pilgrimage last year which included a Mass concelebrated by eight priests? The New York Times reported:

Cardinal Tobin, whom Pope Francis appointed to Newark last year, is among a small but growing group of bishops changing how the American church relates to its gay members. They are seeking to be more inclusive and signaling to subordinate priests that they should do the same….Cardinal Tobin’s welcome to Mass on May 21 (2017) has been the most significant of such recent gestures, because of the symbolism of a cardinal welcoming a group of gay Catholics, some of whom were married to same-sex spouses, to participate in the Sacrament of Holy Communion at the center of a cathedral, no questions asked.

No questions asked? No warning that to receive the sacred Body and Blood of Christ while in an objective state of mortal sin is to receive it, in St. Paul’s words, to one’s “condemnation.” The eight priests who concelebrated the Mass? I wouldn’t trust a single one of them with a grandchild of mine! This is all about ear-tickling (and perhaps homosexual) bishops normalizing the gay agenda.

Cardinal Tobin’s action is no surprise, however. He is a big supporter of Fr. James Martin, a major promoter of the gay lifestyle and same-sex marriage. Martin often confuses the issue by saying the Church is full of sinners.


Hmm…Is Bishop Tobin thinking,
“It’s high time we added the gay rainbow
to the papal flag. Just wait til I’m pope!”

But there is a major difference between sinners struggling to give up their sins and make “a firm purpose of amendment” and those who flaunt their sins and demand acceptance. When sinners not only flaunt their sins, but demand that others call what is “intrinsically disordered” normal, when they demand others, in fact, bless their sins, their actions are demonic. Any bishop who supports and promotes Fr. Martin can’t be trusted! Any bishops who join the movement to normalize sodomy can’t be trusted. They are the ear ticklers and faith killers who should be removed from office.

To understand exactly what’s happening watch the two-part video below. Consider how quickly the homosexual movement advanced from obscurity to drowning the public in total immersion.

When I was in my 20s I hardly knew anything about homosexuality. Only 50 years later, we can hardly get up in the morning without being inundated on the news, in movies, in TV shows, videos and music with the constant gay drumbeat and rainbow flags everywhere (the gay rainbow rather than the rainbow given by God). How did it happen? It was no accident, but a successful p.r. program to normalize sodomite behavior and demonize those who objected. The same tactics described in Ryan Sorba’s talk below are now being used to demonize those who support President Trump. It is worth every minute to understand how people are being manipulated to call good evil and evil good. Jesus predicted it and the day is here. We cannot be silent in response. We need to pray and fight! And that fight starts with identifying the ear ticklers. If you are in Joseph Tobin’s diocese, stop giving even a penny to his diocesan collections and find a parish where the priest is good and faithful. Don’t enable these evil men any longer!

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