by Stephen Wynne  •  •  July 31, 2018    

Money motivates US bishops’ immigration obsession

Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Cash — not Christ — is the key motivator behind the U.S. bishops’ immigration obsession.

Since Trump won the White House, the USCCB has issued statement after statement on immigration, each one excoriating the administration’s policies on the southern border wall, deportation and sanctuary cities.

The bishops are fighting Trump’s policies because immigration is their cash cow.

Every year since 1975, the government has funneled tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to the USCCB for migrant and refugee services.

Yearly totals exploded under Obama and are now a huge share of the USCCB’s annual budget.

In 2013, the bishops received $73,715,703 from the government — nearly 32 percent of their total budget.

In 2014, the figure leapt to $79,590,512 — almost 33 percent of their budget.

In 2015, the total climbed to $80,733,062 — nearly 38 percent of the USCCB budget.

And in 2016, American prelates pocketed $95,256,272 — nearly 39 percent of their total budget.

The conclusion is clear: The bishops’ outcry is driven by finance, not faith.

They profit from immigration, and Trump is threatening their cash flow.

Analysts note that money also explains their near-universal silence on abortion. Pro-life advocacy, it seems, doesn’t pay.

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  1. You had to laugh at the headline “ Catholic Heavy Weights to make a diffence “ Or something like that ! Shows one how out of touch with reality these writers and bloggers are ! Aunt Matilda holding back her dollar 💵 is not going to matter one hill of beans when the bishops get so much from the US Taxpayer ! Same goes for the Germans ! Hardly anyone goes to Mass yet the German Church rakes in Billions through a mandatory tax program of 10% of your income goes to the Church you were born into ! The whole EU is like that I believe! The laity is doomed and the Homo Clergy Win ! Nothing is going to change until the tax money stops ! My wife listens to some radio show ,Mike Church show and she was saying they were going to set up a web site to stop the abuse or find alternative donations! I will not listen to it, it is so bad.But she was convinced they had the answer ! The Church Militant and Deal Hudson also claim to “know the way”! Now that is a combination! Next we will hear from Neuhaus from the grave ! Face it, the Church is run by Homos and most of the Princes are really queens 👸! Bishops too ! What a mess ! Oh yes Mike Church has this Catholic subject expert, Brother Andre Marie ! I call him the Fake Monk ! Why do we have all these so called experts? Why do people pay them money to listen or read their drivel ! When I was growing up, you had the Baltimore Catechism,no Abortion and no same sex marriage ! All ones needs is the Baltimore Catechism and the resignation of the Pope and his appointees, plus current bishops and the rejection of anything he has written and we may have a start at turning this Church around !

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