Catholic University rescinds honorary degree for McCarrick 

[He’s becoming the Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer or Charlie Rose of the Catholic Church in America, losing one award or honor after another because of sexual harassment – such as such as this and his explusion from the Knights of Columbus! – AQ Tom]
Catholic World News – 7/31/18
The Catholic University of America has withdrawn an honorary degree that was conferred on then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2006. The action—unprecedented for Catholic University—was taken by the executive committee of the school’s trustees. McCarrick had long been a major factor in the life of Catholic University: as a student, chaplain, dean, director of development, trustee, and chancellor.
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4 comments on “Catholic University rescinds honorary degree for McCarrick 

  1. All over NeoKathlyk America, all sorts of queasy theological Quislings are scouring their institutions’ VIP Awards records to expunge any trace of McCarrick cooties, telling themselves, “Well, that takes care of THAT!” ( Har, har, har! )
    Meanwhile, a dead-heat race between Manhattan, DC and sunny Nuovo Roma is playing out, trying to find out just who the 2018 version of F. Lee Bailey may be.
    It’s too bad stock in big defense attorney firms isn’t listed on the NYSE. Were it, a boom rivaling historic 80s & 90s run-ups by Silicon Valley stocks would look like the ROI on a passbook savings account nowadays…

  2. The Beatles – Money (That’s What I Want)

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