Putin Says Christianity Formed Russian Nation

Putin Says Christianity Formed Russian Nation

Written by  Michael Matt | Editor – 7/29/30

Vladimir Putin commemorates Christian anniversaryVladimir Putin commemorates Christian anniversary

For whatever reason, Putin’s wised up to the importance of Christianity, and Russia’s better for it:

MOSCOW (AP) – Vladimir Putin says the adoption of Christianity more than 1,000 years ago in territory that later became Russia marked the starting point for forming the Russian nation itself.

President Putin’s comments came Saturday in a ceremony marking the 1,030th anniversary of the adoption by Christianity by Prince Vladimir, the leader of Kievan Rus, a loose federation of Slavic tribes that preceded the Russian state.

Speaking to thousands of clergy and believers at a huge statue of the prince outside the Kremlin, Putin said adopting Christianity was “the starting point for the formation and development of Russian statehood, the true spiritual birth of our ancestors, the determination of their identity. Identity, the flowering of national culture and education.”


REMNANT COMMENT: I really don’t care what the vociferous critics of Vladimir Putin think they know about all the nefarious, KGB shenanigans the President of Russia may or may not be up to. The bottom line is this: if it’s now politically beneficial for Russia’s head of state to “pretend” to be an advocate of Christianity, I’d say let it ride.

Besides, at this point I’ll take my chances with this guy over almost any of the actual demons running the “free countries” of the former Christendom. We know exactly what they are, and the day they celebrate the fact that Europe was formed by Christianity will be the day hell freezes over.

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