Austrian Diocese, „As Long As God Has a Beard, I’m a Feminist“

I have seen images of the Trinity with a bearded Father and Son but never the Holy Spirit as a bearded dove! – AQ Tom]
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The scaffoldings on Innsbruck cathedral which is about to be restored, are presently covered with a huge pink billboard carrying the feminist slogan, “As long as God has a beard, I’m a feminist.”

[AQ Tom: A bearded feminist? “MARIAM, otherwise known as the bearded lady, has revealed just why she decided to keep her facial hair and how it’s made her feel more confident than ever.” – The UK Express]
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This is part of a propaganda campaign by Austrian feminism ideologue Katharina Cibulka who places slogans with the form “As long as …. I’m a feminist” on public buildings.

Responsible for this desecration of the cathedral is local Bishop Hermann Glettler who considers himself an artist.

Innsbruck diocese is in very bad shape, not surprisingly, at least since 1980 it had one bad bishop after the other.

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