Two US bishops demand more action after McCarrick scandal (CWN)

Two US bishops demand more action after McCarrick scandal (CWN)

[After Jesus healed ten lepers, only one returned to thank Him, and He asked, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?” (cf. Luke 17:11-19). Where are the other 426 bishops? Oops, 425? Uncle Teddy has been stricken from the roster! – AQ Tom]

Catholic World News – 7/30/18

Two American bishops have issued strong statements prodding their colleagues to more effective action regarding the sex-abuse scandal. Bishop Michael Olsen of Fort Worth, Texas, said that the “scandalous crimes and sins” that have been made public call for repentance and reform, and … Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany, New York, insisted that the scandal is “much more than a crisis of policies and procedures.” …

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3 comments on “Two US bishops demand more action after McCarrick scandal (CWN)

  1. Start with the Pope and work your way down ! Then promote worthy clergy to the posts not political hacks and casting couch clerics ! Bring back the Taditional Latin Mass and Baltimore Catechism along with Traditional Values of one man and one women equals a valid marriage along with the condemnation of ABORTION! This would be a start ! All active homos have to hit the road , if we missed any in the first purge ! You all get the drill !

  2. Amen. I agree only a start but we’ve got to start somewhere.

  3. Agreed!
    If a pope falls into error or heresy, he is to be corrected by his consecrated inferiors. If they fail to do so, it falls to the theologians. If they fail, it gets dumped on the laity to demand correction.
    Since the USCCCP is part of the cover-up and 98% of “modern theologians” can’t find their own behinds with both hands, looks like Larry the Laymen has some work to do…

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