“Uncle Ted McCarrick” no longer a Cardinal

“Uncle Ted McCarrick” no longer a Cardinal

[A sigh of relief among the “Catholic” sodomovement now that attention will be drawn away from it and those who cover up for them –  so “things can get back to normal”  (rather “abnormal” in their case)?  – AQ Tom] 
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6 comments on ““Uncle Ted McCarrick” no longer a Cardinal

  1. Guess who else ought to resign his office? Could it be FrankenPope himself? Could be!

  2. Sodomite Predator Pervert Theodore McCarrick “resigns” from College of Cardinals

    Posted by Vox Cantoris at Saturday, July 28, 2018

    The sodomite predator former Archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick has resigned from the College of Cardinals. McCarrick was instrumental in the election of Jorge Bergoglio to the bishopric of Rome had come under the influence of powerful and secretive men and instructed to lobby others to elect Bergoglio as repeated reported on Vox Cantoris.

    Curiously, the video of Father Thomas J. Rosica’s Salt + Light 2012 interview with the pervert McCarrick has gone dark.

    It is most likely that Pope Francis has “requested” that the “gay” McCarrick resign, His obedience in the light of credible victims of his predatory ways coming forward does not indicate that he resigned of his own accord.

    Yesterday evening the Holy Father received the letter in which Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington (U.S.A.), presented his resignation as a member of the College of Cardinals. Pope Francis accepted his resignation from the cardinalate and has ordered his suspension from the exercise of any public ministry, together with the obligation to remain in a house yet to be indicated to him, for a life of prayer and penance until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial. [Another sin-in-haste-repent-at-leisure “punishment” for a disgraced priest or bishop at a “club fed”-style monastery? – AQ Tom]press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/it/bollettino/pubblico/2018/07/28/0548/01187.html

    This is not enough.

    The facts show that the predatory behaviour of this filthy sodomite was known for decades. Every bishop who knew about this pervert must be exposed.

    Pope Francis has enabled these men. After a valiant effort on the part of Pope Ratzinger to rid the stables of this filth and succumbing to their evil machinations, Francis has given the sodomite mafia, – the homosexual mafia free reign in the Church.

    McCarrick is not alone. There are other Cardinals, other bishops, countless priests. Every one of these filthy sodomites, these homosexuals must be exposed and outed. They must be driven out of the priesthood and the buck stops with Bergoglio.

    The homosexual mafia is running scared. We must not let up on the pressure. Victims and those in the know must be encouraged to come forward and out these evil, pathetic monsters.

    Expose them all.

  3. The National un-Catholic Reporter version of the story inludes the following:

    The move, announced in a press release from the U.S. bishops July 28, is without precedence since the founding of the American church with the creation of the diocese of Baltimore in 1789. While several U.S. cardinals have come under scrutiny in recent decades for their handling of abuse cases, none prior had set aside their red cardinalatial robes. Global precedents are also difficult to find, with the last cardinal to fully renounce his position being French theologian Fr. Louis Billot over a political disagreement with Pope Pius XI in 1927.

    The latter part is a reference to the French Jesuit and Cardinal, Fr. Louis Billot (who helped Pope St. Pius X draft his 1907 encyclical against Modernism “Pascendi dominici gregis” and was made a cardinal by him in 1911) and Pope Pius XI in his attempt to ingratiate himself (and hopefully the Church in France) with the Masonic, anti-Catholic Third Republic, including among other things placing an interdict on the pro-monarchist Action Francaise movement (of which Cardinal Billot and many conservative French Catholics were supporters) and putting its newspaper on the Index of Forbidden Books; such measures proved to be counter-productive and were removed by Pius XII when he became pope in 1939!

  4. apnews.com/f7ec3cec9a4b46868aa584fe1c94fb28

    Here is a story the AP is running about nuns coming forward describing sexual abuse by priests ! Uncle Teddie’s resignation changes nothing!

  5. McCarrick resigned from the College of Cardinals. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

    Posted on 28 July 2018 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    Before anything else…

    Lots of people are really angry, indeed enraged. Horrid situations such as those caused by men like McCarrick are painful. We can make choices about how to view them. Anger is appropriate, but not to the point where we are merely giving voice to our spittle-flecked Ids. Sad situations like this must be taken as an opportunity for grace. When you see this filth in the Church, remember that Christ created His Church for sinners: you, me and McCarrick. If anger is the first impulse that we have when we see this awful stuff, the second impulse must be to say, “God, have mercy on me, a sinner!”, and then go to confession and do some penance.

    That said:

    Bolletino. Theodore McCarrick has resigned from the College of Cardinals and Pope Francis accepted his resignation. McCarrick is no longer to be addressed as “Your Eminence” and he no longer has any of the privileges that come with being a Cardinal.

    Furthermore, Pope Francis applied to McCarrick a suspension a divinis, which prohibits him from holding any office or acts of the power of order and governance. “Pope Francis accepted his resignation from the cardinalate and has ordered his suspension from the exercise of any public ministry, together with the obligation to remain in a house yet to be indicated to him, for a life of prayer and penance until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial.”

    So, there is a canonical process underway. Since he resigned from the College, he cannot be “stripped” of that office. Keep in mind that Cardinals Law and O’Brien did not resign and were not removed by the Pope from the College. Law covered up crimes while O’Brien committed certain other delicts. Law, still an elector, participated in the 2005 conclave. O’Briens, still an elector, decided not to participate in the 2013 conclave.

    Since he resigned as a Cardinal, there isn’t much left that can be done to censure him. It is possible that he could be dismissed from the clerical state.

    The USCCB issued a press release. It doesn’t say very much.

    I have long held McCarrick to be one of the most loathsome figures of whom I was aware in the Church, for several reasons.

    Over the years I had heard from priests about the “open secrets”. Having been persecuted in seminary for having complained about homosexuals, I find people like him hideous. Also, he was a spectacular liar. He buried key text in Card. Ratzinger’s letter to bishops in these USA concerning voting. Also, after Card. Arinze presented Redemptionis Sacramentum to the press corps and responded to my question about Communion for pro-abortion Catholic politicians (hint: NO!) – the spox didn’t want Arinze to answer, but John Allen backed me up! – Card. McSlime made a bee line to the cameras and microphones after the presser and said, “What Card. Arinze meant to say, was…” and then said exactly the opposite.

    Lying on that level, and using his position as he did, is nothing short of diabolical.

    I suspect that he will be “laicized”.

    While I truly loath McCarrick, I hope that he has had enough of a shock at this point in his life, and still has enough time, sincerely to repent of his sins. There is still time for him, while he yet draws breath. I hope he manages it, with the help of the tremendous graces God must be offering to him. Sincere repentance and public statements about his sorrow could be great examples of God’s mercy. The greater the sinner, the greater the prevenient graces God offers in mercy… mercy which is rooted in truth.

    I will try to pray for McCarrick, for my own sake, as well as for his. It is hard to loath people for whom you choose to pray. Charity and God’s own admonishments oblige us.

    Please allow me to do my job, which is to keep as many people out of Hell as I can.

    I must rant.

    Remember: There is no sin that we little mortals can commit so terrible that God cannot forgive it and cleanse it from our souls. The key to this forgiveness is asking for forgiveness. God’s justice we will get whether we want it or not. His mercy is there for the asking. But we have to ask for it. That means sincere examination of conscience and then humble admission of sins.

    Remember: God cannot be fooled. He know us better than we know ourselves. God cannot deceive. God cannot be deceived. God’s promises are absolutely reliable. We cannot trick God. Trying to trick God, deceive God, withhold from God is deep, black wickedness, which excludes one from His mercy.

    Examine your conscience. For the love of God, go to confession. Confess everything sincerely. Don’t hold anything back.

    Absolution from the priest is God’s own cleansing pardon that removes the stain of sin from your soul. You will have the memory of the sin, but the sin is gone, removed, cleansed. It is no more. Though your sins were as red as scarlet, they will have been washed white by the Blood of the Lamb who was slain for those sins precisely so that YOU could receive forgiveness, adoption as His son or daughter, and then membership in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    How long has it been since you heard those words of absolution and felt that freedom as a child of God?

  6. Sexual abuse is a criminal offense ! You cannot spin it any other way ! These criminal Cardinals and Bishops need to be prosecuted along with anyone else that covered these crimes up ! Law breakers like Cardinal Law should have been thrown in jail for aiding and abetting criminal acts. The same goes for anyone else that commits criminal acts and for those who hide them in cushy jobs in the Vatican! With the history of sexual predators that the Vatican has , no diplomatic immunity should be given these pigs 🐷! This BS about McCarrick doing no more harm is nonsense! What about the victims ! The Catholic Church does not have blanket immunity from prosecution just because someone is or was a Church Official ! Off with their heads ! Most of these Catholic Bloggers are idiots and do not have a clue. You can’t spin criminal acts with mealy mouthed platitudes! Sexual perversion in the Catholic Church is pervasive! Starts at the top and filters through the cesspools of hierarchy! You cannot deflect it any more with al this social justice 💩 crap ! Although I do believe the Vatican and it’s minions are true Marxists and enemies of the West and the civilized world ! Their migration policies are asinine as are the clods that promulgate them ! No one should pay any attention to them !

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