Whatever Happened to the Requirements for Salvation?

I just watched a video in which a young boy asked the Pope whether his father, who had died, was in Heaven. He told the Pope that his father was an atheist and a good man. You can guess what the Pope’s reply was, and the audience loved it. The Pope’s reply eliminates any of the Catholic requirements for salvation. The father is in Heaven because he is a good man and God would not abandon him. I would agree that God does not abandon atheists – but rather they abandon Him! Because God has given us free will if we choose to reject Him then that choice, if unchanged, will determine our eternal destiny. The Pope, however, mentioned none of that but rather gave the atheist father a Pelagian salvation because he was (according to his son) a good man.
What has happened to the Catholic theology regarding salvation?

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One comment on “Whatever Happened to the Requirements for Salvation?

  1. Hey, fidei! Long time no post. Its great to see you back!
    In this day and after five decades of post-doctrinal sophistry (PDS) who knows which partisan enterprise might have been behind that operetta? Was the child even old enough to know what atheism is or to have competent judgment about whatever he claimed was the case with his father?
    I have no idea but, like most things that NuVaticano stages, the smart money is on a ton of agenda-driven back stage production planning.
    None of that, if such was the case, absolves anyone of teaching the truths of salvation, of course. Which is pretty much the first thing any pope oughta know.
    But then again, we ain’t seen nothin’ like Habemus Pampas in 2,000 years, have we? Hopefully, an SSPX SWAT team has an eye on the li’l victim and is all set to quietly rescue the lad when the moment of opportunity presents itself.

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