The wheat from the chaff in the National un-Catholic Reporter article attacking those who exposed the churchmen covering up for McCarrick

[The wheat from the chaff in the National un-Catholic Reporter article attacking those who exposed the churchmen covering up for McCarrick]

From Conservatives distort McCarrick scandal to attack Frankenpope by Michael Sean Winters – Jul 27, 2018

I agree that there are some cardinals who should be questioned about what they knew or did not know about McCarrick, but I propose a different list: Cardinal Angelo Sodano, secretary of state to Pope John Paul II from 1991 until 2006; Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, substitute or “chief of staff” to Pope John Paul II from 1989 until 2000 and then Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops from 2000 until 2010; and, most especially, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, personal secretary to Pope John Paul II for his entire pontificate and, then, cardinal-archbishop of Krakow. We know that Sodano hated the one U.S. cardinal who tried hardest to block McCarrick, Cardinal John O’Connor. I do not know if O’Connor knew about the sexual misconduct allegations but he disliked McCarrick’s ambition. We know that Sodano and Dziwisz both protected Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, and were paid handsomely for their efforts. We know that McCarrick raised large sums for both the Catholic Church in Poland and for the use of Polish hierarchs working in Rome. We know that Re was involved in all major decisions and, with the other two, essentially ran the church in the final years of John Paul II’s pontificate as the pope’s health deteriorated. But, oddly, neither Flynn nor Dreher nor Douthat mention these three.

I understand that there are theological reasons why it is impossible to remove the “St.” from anyone’s name. Besides, I am almost a universalist and hope there is room for everyone in heaven, even great sinners like me. What is more, holiness and moral probity are two different things, and holiness is what gets you into heaven. But, and it is a huge but, can we at least implement a moratorium on naming schools for “John Paul the Great.” The cult of John Paul II should not be encouraged. Let’s bring back the old, and very wise, rule that no causes for canonization will be considered until a person has been dead 100 years.

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3 comments on “The wheat from the chaff in the National un-Catholic Reporter article attacking those who exposed the churchmen covering up for McCarrick

  1. A mewling lib reporter from a grating metrosexual snoozepaper actually “gets it” (partially) re. Santo Subito???
    Will wonders never cease???

  2. JP2 may have been naïve on sexual matters, but blaming it all on JP2 fits with a certain narrative that liberals who view him as a pro-life conservative want to push. Pope Paul VI was Pope when McCarrick’s alleged career as a clerical homo pederast got started during the Sexual Revolution at the height of the Spirit of Vatican II disorientation. They might as well blame Truman Capote or Gore Vidal.

    Whoever in the USCCB and the American modernist hierarchy was involved in selecting and promoting candidates for bishop and cardinal appointments would be the more likely candidates for responsibility. How many times did JP2 even talk to McCarrick or observe him closely? Along with O’Malley’s claim that he “ever got the letter” what really ever reached JP2’s desk? Did those earnest Catholics trying to warm him ever actually meet with JP2? I told priests in the Vatican about the situation in the modernist American Church during JP2’s reign. What came of that? What, they didn’t believe me? Or were they clerical masons or queers themselves from Bella Dodd’s Communist Fifth Column cabal?

    JP2 didn’t realize Bernardin was queer? No one else in the hierarchy did? Really???
    That kind of “see no evil” naïveté is part of the problem.

  3. There is an elephant in the room.

    At this very moment, anti-Catholic secret societies have infiltrated and continue to infiltrate the faculties and boards of Catholic colleges and universities, placing their queer and pro-abortion agitators in key positions, bringing in more anti-life buddies with them. The modernist bishops of the USCCB and the Pope choose to look away. They have never lifted a finger to do anything about the anti-Catholic freemasons on the faculty at Georgetown or Notre Dame, wrecking and destroying those institutions. Who really thinks ANYTHING will be done about the predatory homosexuals in the chanceries, sacristies, seminaries, and pulpits? They want them there to stand down on abortion and birth control for the Malthusian population control agenda of the globalist Illuminati.

    The National Catholic Reporter wants them there for their queer agenda. At least half the modernists on staff at NCR are fruitcakes themselves. They’re not going to turn in the predators. They go to the same parties.

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