Following Up on M S Winters Suggestion, Guess What I Found?


When the worldwide 50,000′ high ash layer finally settles, “The Ballad of JP2” CDs will only be available in the ten cent clearance bins at thrift shops in South Ossetia and Peru.  Great Googly Moogly!

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3 comments on “Following Up on M S Winters Suggestion, Guess What I Found?

  1. If all the article claims is independently verified, it certainly indicates Wojtylan era cover-ups, huge bribery payments and hierarchical incompetence on a scale that rivals, perhaps dwarfs, the USCCCP’s own problems with Cd. McKarakatoa.

  2. Two recent mentions of squeasmishness on the part of Papa Wojtyla in matters related to allegations against predatory clerics and prelates may be nothing more than defensive speculations from the late Pope’s bevy of admirers.
    Of course, they might well be accurate.
    I doubt, without extensive eye or ear witness depositions entered into a legitimate proceeding or authoritative journal of record, whether there was or was not a type of avoidance behavior at play when John Paul II’s official duties forced him to deal with allegations will ever be satisfactorily settled.
    The issue stands, nevertheless, that what papal subordinates do IS part of the full historical record of each pontificate. It is avoidance behavior itself by apologists to shrug off incompetence.
    Despite a host of valid criticisms over an array of ecclesiastical issues with which literate Catholics are very famiar, it is preferable to hope that what “seemed” at the time to be a Pollyanna piety on the part of JP II regarding numerous serious charges against men the pope personally approved for high positions was, in fact, a result of his educational deficiencies or incurably obtuse tendencies. I do not wish to hope otherwise insofar as he was quite correct on other fundamental laws and doctrinal matters of morality.

  3. How long did it take JP2 to have a “come to Jesus moment” on the Maciel and Legion of Christ scandal?

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