[No, because His Eminence is another opportunist and sycophant who hob-knobs with the liberal literati and glitterati! – AQ Tom] 

Folks we are at a major turning point in this papacy and in the Church. Prayer is required!
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  1. [His Eminence needs to resign or be removed – not elected pope!]

    Sean O’Malley: A fraud and an enabler of perverts and predators

    Posted by Vox Cantoris at Wednesday, July 25, 2018

    Sean O’Malley, the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston where the abuse crisis in the United States burst forth has issued a statement.

    O’Malley is either a stupid man or he is evil, or he thinks that we are stupid people.

    Image result for cardinal sean o’malley mccarrickIf a letter is sent about a serious matter to a corporation it is fundamentally sent to the Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible even if it is not read by him. His staff is duty bound to inform him if it is of a serious matter. In the matter of the Church, the legal structure of a diocese is a Corporation Sole. The bishop owns it all. From the cathedral to the dining room table in an obscure parish to the dish soap under the sink.

    O’Malley received a “staff level” letter. from a priest about abusee and essentially determined that it was none of his business.

    O’Malley is a disgraceful enabler. A man complicit in the cover-up of the filthy sodomite predator pervert Theodore McCarrick.

    When did the fraud O’Malley know and when did he know it?

    He needs to resign.

    “For the past several days, articles in the national media have reported accusations of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s sexual improprieties with several adults and his criminal violations of the sexual abuse of minors. These alleged actions, when committed by any person, are morally unacceptable and incompatible with the role of a priest, bishop or cardinal.
    “I am deeply troubled by these reports that have traumatized many Catholics and members of the wider community. In one case involving a minor the Archdiocese of New York, after investigation, has found the accusation to be credible and substantiated. While another accusation concerning a minor is yet to be investigated, the reports are devastating for the victims, their families and for the Church itself. Each new report of clerical abuse at any level creates doubt in the minds of many that we are effectively addressing this catastrophe in the Church.
    “These cases and others require more than apologies. They raise up the fact that when charges are brought regarding a bishop or a cardinal, a major gap still exists in the Church’s policies on sexual conduct and sexual abuse. While the Church in the United States has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding the sexual abuse of minors by priests we must have clearer procedures for cases involving bishops. Transparent and consistent protocols are needed to provide justice for the victims and to adequately respond to the legitimate indignation of the community. The Church needs a strong and comprehensive policy to address bishops’ violations of the vows of celibacy in cases of the criminal abuse of minors and in cases involving adults.
    “My experience in several dioceses and my work with the members of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors have brought me to this conclusion. The Church needs to swiftly and decisively take action regarding these matters of critical importance. In every instance of claims made by victims of sexual abuse, whether criminal violations or the abuse of power, the primary concern must be for the victim, their family and their loved ones. The victims are to be commended for bringing to light their tragic experience and must be treated with respect and dignity. Recent media reports also have referenced a letter sent to me from Rev. Boniface Ramsey, O.P. in June of 2015, which I did not personally receive. In keeping with the practice for matters concerning the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, at the staff level the letter was reviewed and determined that the matters presented did not fall under the purview of the Commission or the Archdiocese of Boston, which was shared with Fr. Ramsey in reply.
    “These accusations are understandably a source of great disappointment and anger for many. These cases, involving a cardinal, must be viewed in light of the last two decades of the Church’s experience with clerical sexual abuse. It is my conviction that three specific actions are required at this time. First, a fair and rapid adjudication of these accusations; second, an assessment of the adequacy of our standards and policies in the Church at every level, and especially in the case of bishops; and third, communicating more clearly to the Catholic faithful and to all victims the process for reporting allegations against bishops and cardinals. Failure to take these actions will threaten and endanger the already weakened moral authority of the Church and can destroy the trust required for the Church to minister to Catholics and have a meaningful role in the wider civil society. In this moment there is no greater imperative for the Church than to hold itself accountable to address these matters, which I will bring to my upcoming meetings with the Holy See with great urgency and concern.”

  2. Remember ecclesia supplet: the Church supplies jurisdiction and faculties in a necessity. Find a traditional Catholic outlet with no ties to the abusers and worship there. They’re out there, folks, so find them.

  3. Before anyone gets excited about O’ Malley taking over, this website: might change their minds. During the summer I used to attend Mass at St. Anthony’s Parish in E Falmouth until I reached the age of 20 and I can tell you there were some visible signs of weird goings-on in the rectory. I cannot attest to any specific wrong-doings myself.

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