There Will Be No «Deal» For the Next 12 Years

There Will Be No «Deal» For the Next 12 Years

Gloria.TV News – 7/23/18

The final statement of the July General Chapter of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X refers explicitly to the declaration made by Archbishop Lefebvre in November 1974. On his webpage, Dr Chojnowski calls this historic statement one of the most thrilling anti-Modernist moments of the SSPX.* It was Lefebvre’s reaction to the Modernism of the ecclesial visitors who inspected the seminary of the Society in Econe, Switzerland. Chojnowski comments, “Obviously there will be no ‘deal’ with the Vatican for the next 12 years.”

*SSPX Defines Itself with Archbishop Lefebvre’s 1974 Declaration “Which the Society embraces in its Entirety.” Is the Lefebvre Ram back in the Pen and has the Reb[r]anded Wether Been Sent to the Butcher? and In 2009 Interview, Fr. Florian Abrahamowicz Singles out New SSPX Superior as Priest who was “Vehemently Opposed” to Deal with the Conciliar Church. Rejected Idea of Converting Modernists “From Within.”


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