A “Penny” Catechism for Millennials

First, Does the order in the universe bespeak of an intelligent Creator or is it just a happening by chance? if you believe in “chances” then I wish you luck in the lottery? We call this Creator, Almighty God. He appears in three different forms, called Persons: Father. Son and Holy Spirit. All three Persons share the same Godhead. They are All-present, All-knowing, All-powerful and All-merciful. This Creator-God, which we also call the Trinity, rewards good and punishes evil. He does this at the time of one’s Death – one of the Four Last Things – Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. This is the answer to those boneheads in the world who spend their lives doing evil, Guess where they’ll end up for all-eternity? Remember, this God is All-knowing and his memory is like unto an elephant in that He never forgets.

Second, there is a Satanic force present in the world which we call the Devil. Yes, Virginia, there is a Devil who goes about the world seeking the ruin of souls. He was once an angel, called Lucifer or Light-Bearer, the most gifted angel in Heaven. But, he defied God and was kicked out of Heaven for his refusal to serve, his desire to be “like unto God,” along with a bunch of renegade angels, to a place called Hell – a real place to which the damned will be sent at Judgment Day. His enticements seemingly are hard to refuse but in reality they are the death-knell to us without God’s grace. This place called Hell is a place of eternal torment or all-consuming fire which never ends. It is the answer to those who say there is “no justice in the world so we might as well do as we wish.” To those who think this talk about angels is all poppycock I ask you to consider what if it is not? What if the bible is truly the Word of God?

Third, we can avoid these dangers and pitfalls by embracing the Roman Catholic Faith which Jesus instilled in his apostles and charged them to spread throughout the world. It’s not the faith you sometimes hear these days from those who have left the Church and embraced Modernism. One of our popes has said the smoke of Satan seemingly has entered the church. We know this to be true. All one has to do is hear of the abuses taking place in the Church, abuses of the most wicked and disgusting kind, to know that this statement is true. He has targeted the souls entrusted or consecrated to God. the shepherds of the faithful, knowing that when the shepherd is struck, the sheep (that’s us) will flee. He knows that man (generic sense) was created with a “free will” and is able to make decisions concerning his destiny. The Baltimore catechism says man was created to know. love and serve God in this world and to be happy with Him in Heaven – a happiness that is beyond our ability to conceive. So, we have this choice – which one will we choose. It’s God or the Devil, Heaven or Hell. Which road are we on?

Now, I chose to call this a “penny” catechism because that’s what it’s worth. It only has worth if helps someone on their journey to the Truth? If it does that, then it’s worth more money than can be counted because a human soul, even one, is priceless. God bless you.

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