FrankenPope Accepts Resignation of Suspected Sodomite Suffragan

FrankenPope Accepts Resignation of Suspected Sodomite Suffragan

[NuVatican gives no reason for his resignation!] – 7/20/18

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Juan Pineda Fasquelle, 57, of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on July 20.

Pineda is at center of allegations of homosexual abuse and financial misconduct in his archdiocese.

He is a protégé of his personal friend, Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, who is member of the Council of Cardinals and a protégé of Pope Francis.

The fact that Pineda’s resignation was made public on a Friday in the midst of summer holidays, is an attempt of the Vatican to hide the scandal.

[Further info from Catholic World News for 7/20/18]
Earlier this year, former seminarians accused Auxiliary Bishop Juan José Pineda Fasquelle of sexual misconduct. The bishop was governing the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa as Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga received cancer treatment.
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  1. [Bishop Pineda’s mentor, Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, in addition to covering up for his protege, is also in financial troubles. Will his head roll next? With a NuVatican announcement such as “early retirement for reasons of health”?]


    According to Martha Alegría Reichman, friend to Maradiaga for 40 years [and] the widow of Alejandro Valladares, former head of the Diplomatic Corps in the Vatican, … claimed in March that the cardinal was responsible for the loss of a great deal of her family’s money and has never addressed the financial mishandling.

    In 2012, the cardinal had directed her husband to invest a large amount of money in a London firm, with funds administered by a Muslim acquaintance, Youssry Henien. Maradiaga had allegedly also invested $1.2 million of diocesan money in the same firm.

    Henien “disappeared into nothing with our money,” Reichmann said. “I told everything to Pope Francis, even before the apostolic visitor who conducted an investigation [into Maradiaga] in Honduras. But a year has passed and neither I nor other victims have obtained justice.”

    Church Militant reported in December that Pope Francis had sent an envoy to investigate Maradiaga over claims of financial misconduct, including large sums received from the Honduran government through a Church-controlled agency.

    Bishop Jorge Pedro Casaretto, the papal envoy, submitted a report in late spring 2017 showing, among other things, that Maradiaga — who often preaches on poverty — was paid approximately $42,000 a month from the Catholic University of Tegucicalpa, where he is Grand Chancellor, with a December bonus of $64,200, raking in a total of $600,000 from his salary in 2015.

    Although Maradiaga has claimed the entire salary was directed toward the diocese, records show no entries from the University of Tegucicalpa in diocesan funds.

    In addition to the Vatican investigation, a Honduran court is also investigating the government’s donation of tens of millions of lempiras (equivalent to several million U.S. dollars) to the Foundation for Education and Social Communication, under the control of Maradiaga. The court is also looking into enormous amounts of money coming through the Suyapa Foundation, which controls the diocese’s newspaper and TV — also under Maradiaga’s supervision.

  2. I’ll reserve judgment until Joe Friday and Bill Gannon turn in their report…

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