Calls to the West for help (in one form or another) from third-world countries in different spheres of influence

[Calls to the West for help (in one form or another) from Catholic bishops of third-world countries in different spheres of influence]

[Nicaragua and Venezuela are in Latin America and thus in the US’s sphere of influence.  Under the Roosevelt (Teddy not FDR) corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, America could send in the 82nd Airborne Division (and/or whatever else is available) to those places to “put pressure” on the respective Ortega and Maduro regimes.  Nigeria is in Africa and thus in the sphere of influence of the Western European countries that were the former colonial masters of many countries there.  When a former French colony is in trouble, France usually send in a French Foreign Legion or paratroop unit.  Nigeria is a former British colony, and the UK has intervened in conflicts in some of its former colonies – in the last 30 years mostly in the Middle East (especially Iraq) and usually with the US and other NATO countries.]

Catholic World News – 7/20/18

1. Nicaraguan cardinal appeals for prayers, calls on Catholics to ‘put pressure’ on Ortega regime (Aid to the Church in Need)

With one city “submerged under a wave of bullets,” Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes of Managua “addressed an appeal to the West, and to Catholics in particular, calling for the Ortega government to be reminded to show respect.” As he asked for prayers, he added, “Please put pressure on the government, urging it to show respect for the bishops, the priests, and the population.”

The Church “does not aspire to dominate the social landscape, nor to become a factor of
government or opposition,” the nation’s bishops said in a statement. “However, it encourages
the laity, duly educated and aware of the rights and duties of their citizens, to make their
voices heard and to intervene actively in the political arena.”

3. Nigerian bishop fears genocide against Christians, pleads with West to take notice (Aid to the Church in Need)

Bishop William Amove Avenya of Gboko, Nigeria, has warned that escalating attacks on Christians by Fulani tribesmen could soon become a genocidal campaign. “Please don’t make the same mistake as was made with the genocide in Rwanda,” he said. He observed that age-old tribal conflicts have been aggravated by religious tensions and by a recent flood of powerful weapons into the region.

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