Dr. John Rao at Gardone: On Francis

Two dear Traditional friends, one a priest, are at Gardone.  I hope to hear from each on this address.


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2 comments on “Dr. John Rao at Gardone: On Francis

  1. Francis Is a “Fascist” – Catholic Historian

    en.news – 7/20/18

    The American historian John Rao has refuted the thesis that Pope Francis is a Marxist, “I think he’s a fascist. He’s a Peronist and he’s got that same mentality.”

    Talking to LifeSiteNews.com (July 18), Rao explains that fascism expects “everyone having to be part of a unified community”.

    According to Rao the spirit of fascism took possession of the Church in the 1960s, brought forward by people who were connected with movements and ideas from the 1920s and 1930s.

    Rao analyses that Fascism emphasises “energy”, “will” and “strength” as well as “the importance of the leader”.

    Therefore he predicts that in the Church there will either be “the victory of raw will power and dictatorial force” or “a return to the truth and tradition”.

    The latter would mean that Faith, grace and reason would be coming back.

  2. I think they may be – coming back, that is. Whether sufficiently, who knows?

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