Homoerotic Vespers to First Mass in Germany

Homoerotic Vespers to First Mass in Germany

[Theology of the Body in word and movement!]

en.news – 7/17/18

Father Fabian Ploneczka of the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Germany, celebrated on Sunday his first mass in Augsburg.

According to kath.net (July 17), the preceding vespers on Saturday was a “homoerotic event”.

The vespers’ topic was “Eroticism of Faith”. A man dressed only in skin-coloured shorts danced in a lascivious way through the church.

Father Thomas Steiger spoke in a homily about the gracefulness of a man’s body.

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One comment on “Homoerotic Vespers to First Mass in Germany

  1. If there is anyone conscious, literate and not drugged who still thinks that such obscenities and sacrilegious behavior have anything to do with the ONE Church in which ALONE! is salvation to be found, it is to be fondly hoped he will immediately seek emergency medical help. He is a danger to himself and all civilization.
    This horror in Augsburg is the “Gute Hauswirtschaft” Seal of Approval by an “administration” so pathological, so in bondage to the underworld that it must be publicly condemned and cut off from any support – financial, social, ecclesial or otherwise – by Rome itself. Of course, that is another problem as well, isn’t it?

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