Jailed Nun Used As Pretext to Persecute Mother Theresa’s Sisters

Jailed Nun Used As Pretext to Persecute Mother Theresa’s Sisters

Gloria.TV News – 7/16/18

Sister Concilia, the superior of a house of the Sisters of Mother Theresa for unwed mothers in Ranchi, India, was jailed in early July after being accused of having taken about 1500 Euro from a couple that wanted to adopt a child. The accusations could send Sister Concilia ten years behind bars. The sisters have stopped participating in official adoptions after India in 2015 adopted gay adoption legislation. The case is now used by government agencies to persecute all the Sisters of Mother Theresa in India.

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One comment on “Jailed Nun Used As Pretext to Persecute Mother Theresa’s Sisters

  1. I saw somewhere that the Sister was not involved but rather that someone, not a religious but with clinic access, arranged for the “adoption” and received the funds, unbeknownst to the Sister.
    If true, and it is certainly plausible, then allegations of Indian persecution would also, most plausibly, be accurate.
    I’ve heard from someone who knew Mother Teresa of Calcutta and spent a fair amount of time with her in India as a volunteer that she was not a syncretist, a charge I’ve heard from more than one traditional Catholic over the last 20 years, but rather that she regularly asked those dying whom she cared for if they wished to be baptized and immediately provided the sacrament to those who asked for it. India is brutal when it comes to proselytizing by Catholics as the gentleman explained from personal, on site observations. The gentleman is also a highly active traditionalist and I am convinced he was being truthful.

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