Is The Fight Over?

It seems to me that the SSPX exists and has power of governance (and faculties) due to a state of necessity in the Church due to the errors that have crept into the Church in modern times (ecclesia supplet). Archbishop Lefebvre was clear in that he was not establishing a new church (the bishops he consecrated were NOT to hold positions of leadership in the Society but to ordain priests) and he was conforming to existing doctrine and dogma proclaimed in the Magisterium for centuries. With its new leadership is the SSPX now saying that a state of necessity no longer exists and that they can simply fold into the Church with its existant errors and confusion? Is the fight over? Has the very reason for the existence of the SSPX faded into obscurity? I certainly hope and pray this is not the case. It also seems to me that the state of necessity not only still exists but has grown ever more intensely due to what is emanating from the papacy these days – manifest heresy!

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