Outrage in Grand Canaries at Pastor’s Endorsement of Aberrosexual Transvestism

Outrage in Grand Canaries at Pastor’s Endorsement of Aberrosexual Transvestism

Text: Klaus Vrede – Trans: Tancred  – 7/13/18
(Madrid) How homosexuality is made a topic fit for polite, everyday conversation shows a flood of events. One is reported by Gran Canaria, “the gayest island”, as advertised in relevant circles.

Group photo: Drag Queens with pastor (in yellow) on Gran Canaria
Aberrosexualization Drag Queens Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria is part of the Spanish-owned Canary Islands, located off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.
Don Fernando Baez, the pastor of La Breña in Telde, left his parsonage cloakroom to a few drag queens to dress up for a gala that took place on the occasion of the festivities in honor of St. Joseph and Our Lady of the Pino. One thing fits in with another, though some always seek reassurance. The facts of an overall trend speak a different language and result from the many, “excused” steps.
According to local press reports, local bishop Francisco Cases, ordinary of the diocese of the Canary Islands, has no intention of demanding an explanation from Pastor Baez for this behavior, despite numerous protests and submissions by believers.
Pastor Baez had himself photographed with Drag Queens during the gala.
Gran Canaria was hit in the headlines recently because an Italian priest disappeared overnight from his parish last night to “marry” his aberrosexual friend on the Spanish island.
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  1. [It’s worse than we thought. The crucifix in the background of the photo in the Eponymous Flower article should have rung the alarm bell.]


    Catholic Church Used as Backstage for Transvestite Party

    Gloria.TV News – 7/16/18

    Father Fernando Báez, dressed in yellow, of the parish in La Breña, Gran Canaria, Spain, offered his church as a backstage for participants of a transvestite show called Gala Drag Queen de Telde. The abomination was part of the celebrations in honour of Saint Joseph and Our Lady of the Pino. Church pews were also used to accommodate the spectators of the grisly show. God participated in his own way receiving the half-naked homosexuals with freezing temperatures. Gran Canaria vicar general Hipólito Cabrera told the press that he had nothing to say and that this was something internal to the parish.

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