Papal Envoy: Parts of Medjugorje is Controlled by Mob

Papal Envoy: Parts of Medjugorje is Controlled by Mob

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Text: Giuseppe Nardi – Trans: Tancred – 7/11/18
(Sarajevo) Medjugorje is already rich a very rich story with many chapters. Now the Papal Special Envoy, Archbishop Henryk Hoser has added a new one. He has complained that the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia, is involved in the Herzegovinian village.
The emeritus Bishop of Warsaw, through his second mandate as Papal Special Envoy, is in fact the ultimate supporter of the parish of Medjugorje led by the Franciscan Order. Medjugorje is located in the Catholic-Croatian part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since 1981, the Blessed Virgin Mary is to have appeared to six children (now adults). A Church recognition of the phenomenon is pending so far.
According to Hosers, Medjugorje is the third largest place of pilgrimage in Europe, according to the number of pilgrims. Now the Papal emmisary has struck a new, unusual alarm. Medjugorje is in the sights of the Camorra and is already partially controlled by her.
The Neapolitan “mafia” enjoys a particularly bad reputation, even within organized crime in Italy.
Medjugorje is a place where a hard fight between good and evil takes place, says Hoser. This can be seen from the fact that thousands of young people go to confession here and seek penance and contrition for their sins. At the same time, the great stream of pilgrims also means a substantial flow of money, and it had caught the attention of the Camorra.
Archbishop Hoser said this in a sermon as part of a celebration at Warsaw’s Chopin airport, before he again rushed to Medjugorje. The statements were reported by the Polish weekly newspaper Niedziela.
According to the archbishop, some “travel agencies and hotels” would be “controlled” by the dangerous crime syndicate.
On May 31, Hoser was commissioned a second time by Pope Francis as Pontifical Special Envoy with Medjugorje. In fact, the Vatican took over the final responsibility for the parish, which officially belongs to the diocese of Mostar. The bishops of Mostar, the incumbent and his predecessor, are among the decisive opponents of phenomenal phenomena.
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2 comments on “Papal Envoy: Parts of Medjugorje is Controlled by Mob

  1. Since Tito’s commie successors referred to the Medj, Inc. hoax’s “gospa” as “The Lady (sic!) of Hard Currency,” word went forth early, clearly and loudly, “It’s a new Disneyland here! We’re cleaning up! We’re talkin’ SERIOUS $$$ here, boys!”
    The mob taking over the joint makes sense. Of course, to chum the waters, the hoaxmeister “seers” were allowed dibs on some hotels and travel agencies but the Big Boys knew how to REALLY exploit, inveigle and hammer their way to cash flow heaven.
    I recall EM Jones’ expose from the early 90s in which he claimed he had received death threats because of his reporting on the scam. That makes even more sense, now.
    I doubt the Organization has built exotic casinos featuring floor shows with top Vegas acts in the otherwise humdrum, hilly precincts of Medjland. But if the spiritually gullible just keep traipsing over there, it might not be too many years before Barry Manilow is booked for the opening of the “Beau Rivage of Bosnia Hotel,” featuring ‘live visitations’ by Marija complete with backup by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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