Let’s Stop the Nonsense

The following is what the “Angelic Doctor”said about making choices and it should be the rule for any practicing Catholic, even one nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice:

AQUINAS, Thomas 1224-75,

Summa Theologica (1274)

“To disparage the dictate of reason is equivalent to condemning the command of God

“[Conscience] is the reason making moral judgements or choice values.”

No evil can be desirable, either by natural appetite or by conscious will. It is sought indirectly, namely because it is the consequence of some good”

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3 comments on “Let’s Stop the Nonsense

  1. So the point to be made is that the Constitution and its Founders and legislators and executives and judges who both follow a personal unthinking “pursuit of happiness” or consciously hate Catholic Faith, are enemies of themselves and God.

  2. This defines precisely why Americanism was condemned by Pope Leo XIII for its subornation of the supernatural by mere expediency.

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