FrankenPope on Mass-Migration, “Today’s Pharisees Build Walls”

FrankenPope on Mass-Migration, “Today’s Pharisees Build Walls” – 7/7/18

During his 6 July Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis remembered the 5th anniversary of his trip to the Italian island Lampedusa where he met illegal immigrants [and promoted human traffickers].

In a pharisaic and simplistic way Francis implied that those who “build walls rather than bridges” are Pharisees. Francis lives in the Vatican behind big walls.

He condemned an [alleged] closing of hearts toward those who have the “right to security and dignified living conditions”.

The reality is, however, that human trafficking to Europe does not benefit the needy but the strong, young and wealthy who are able to pay the traffickers.

At the same time it deprives the countries of origin of their future.

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