Jesuit-run Amerika props up new Socialist Dem candidate from NY. The Red Sun still rises in the East.

Jesuit-run Amerika props up new Socialist Dem candidate from NY. The Red Sun still rises in the East.

You’ve probably heard that recently a twenty-something Socialist (well… Communist) trounced a congressional veteran of some twenty years in a Dem primary.   He ignored his campaign until too late. She’s a Communist and pro-deviation who got out the young (aka sorta thick and mostly uneducated) vote.

Now Jesuit-run Ameriʞa – ever the pipe of the Left and deviancy – has slobbered over her and provided space for her op-ed about her Catholic faith, etc.

What could possibly go wrong?

It is not the first time this Jesuit-run publication has sported a Socialist.

Here is a good exercise for you.  Read the Ameriʞa piece and then read the examination of the Ameriʞapiece over at blog of Acton Institute by Rev. Ben Johnson.  He identifies the self-contradictions in the young ladies Catholic self-proclamations.

Of course the first one that will occur to even the slightly well-informed Catholic is the quote from Pius XI (so long on the masthead of The Wanderer):

“No one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.”

So, she is either one or the other. Which is it?

We may have good reason to question Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s understanding of Catholic teaching in a way that Jesuit-run Ameriʞa is unwilling to do.

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6 comments on “Jesuit-run Amerika props up new Socialist Dem candidate from NY. The Red Sun still rises in the East.

  1. The Spirit of Vatican II ending as Puerto Rican Communism in New York is like something in a crazy Woody Allen movie. A Marxist queer’s fantasy. America jumps the shark here. Vatican II modernism is far beyond satire now.

    Didn’t John Carpenter turn a similar bad acid trip into a Snake Plissken dystopian film (Escape from New York)?

  2. If this is about some commie chick who, only several months ago was a bartender but is now destined to stand astride the barricades with Maxine Waters, come next Fall, Ann Coulter did a recent column on this “shocking” turn of events inside the Democrat cabal,
    Ann advocates giving Miss Lenin as much cable news coverage as possible, As the columnist notes, the more liberal head cases are shown advocating their commie insanity, live on TV, the more the general public moves to the Right,

    • I respect your educated opinion. But this is how the media moves us to the left. Phase 1) Shock and show how conservative Cuomo and left democrats are
      Phase 2) Report on ” changing attutudes among the young and new immigrants”
      Phase 3) We must learn to acccept because this is life. This is the strategy in media and schools. Slow boil frog strategy….
      Its only a matter if time we become a Central American unstable society. We will wish we had Juan Peron. But we have already been snagged by the idea that individual human rights are more sacred than in the health of the society as a whole.

  3. Ghebreyesus, my post was satirical. At least it was supposed to be. Anyway, Ann Coulter is a satirist par excellence and I meant to chime in with humor since I had recently read her column on the issue.
    Btw, I’m “ostensibly taught” but learned, long after college, my education had some huge holes in it. So I read steadily to make up for what I should have been introduced to – but wasn’t.

  4. OOOPS! I meant also to say I agree with your concern.

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