Germany: Communion For Prots Means For “All” – 7/6/18

What was predicted for Germany, is already happening: Holy Communion is thrown to everybody who cares or doesn’t care (Mt 7:6).

Recently appointed Bishop Franz Jung of Würzburg, Germany, now invited “all” Protestant spouses participating in Masses for marriage jubilees in his cathedral on June 5 and 6 to [unworthily] receive Holy Communion.

Jung explicitly does not require any “individual circumstances” which is another prove that the much advertised “individual case” provision is only a trick.

Würzburg is the seventh German diocese to introduce intercommunion. The others are Paderborn, Magdeburg, Osnabrück, Hamburg, Bamberg and Essen.

The bishops of these former Catholic dioceses prove to the world that they have lapsed from the Faith.

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One comment on “Germany: Communion For Prots Means For “All”

  1. Hussites… Wycliffians… Lutherans… now, Marxians and Bergoglians. 600 years later, including 60 years of ecumaniacal claptrap posturing, and absolutely zilch has changed. I read somewhere that a recent republication of Mein Kampf is flying off the shelves in bookstores.

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