A Message to Disenfranchised Catholics

OK, we understand the predicament in which you find yourself in these times. You were taught that salvation was to be found in the Holy Roman Catholic Church – that other religions were not legitimate paths to salvation. In fact, the Catholic Church had rules and regulations found in the Catechism which regulated human conduct and that there was such a thing as “sin” which had to be confessed to a priest in order to receive Holy Communion worthily – that Communion being in the form of a wafer or host which although in the form of bread was changed in the Consecration of the Mass into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. As such, it was treated with the greatest of respect and handled only by ordained ministers of the Church whom we call priests.

Then, in the years following the Second Vatican Council you saw a lot of changes in the Church. Altars were changed into tables, communion was given in the hand while standing, statues and holy pictures were removed, the Tabernacle was placed in another room, priests and nuns were leaving their vocations, lay-people were all over the sanctuary and doctrines about Marriage were seemingly changed to allow divorced and remarried individuals as well as sodomites to receive Communion. But, the greatest shock was to hear Cardinals and Bishops openly professing dogmas that were inconsistent with those preached from the pulpit for over two thousand years. You had a right to ask: what in BLAZES is going on?

Well, the simple fact is: the real Church did not change. There are still places, admittedly few in number compared to the “institutional church,” where the real Catholic Faith is practiced without apology, where the real Catholic Mass is celebrated without modernist interventions. Similar to the catacombs of the early Christians, Catholics who still believe all that the Church teaches as handed down from the apostles and passed down over two thousand years, these places can still be found even in this sea of apostasy known as the post Vatican II “aggiornamento.” One of these places is described on its webpage: www.servi.org which serves as a liturgical lifesaver for Disenfranchised Catholics who can worship as they have always worshipped without apology or confusion. God bless all of you who have held on to the Faith in these turbulent times. And to the young people, the millennials, I extend the same invitation saying: “Try it; you’ll like it.”

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