FrankenPope to celebrate “Mass for Migrants” in Vatican basilica

FrankenPope to celebrate “Mass for Migrants” in Vatican basilica

“Abandoned and helpless children.” Yes, that’s who these people are. Here are some: Somali Muslim migrant Mohammad Barry in February 2016 stabbed multiple patrons at a restaurant owned by an Israeli Arab Christian; Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan Muslim migrant, in September 2016 set off bombs in New York City and New Jersey; Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim migrant, in September 2016 murdered five people in a mall in Burlington, Washington; Dahir Adan, another Somali Muslim migrant, in October 2016 stabbed mall shoppers in St. Cloud while screaming “Allahu akbar”; and Abdul Razak Artan, yet another Somali Muslim migrant, in November 2016 injured nine people with car and knife attacks at Ohio State University. 72 jihad terrorists have come to the U.S. from the countries listed in Trump’s initial immigration ban.

What’s more, all of the jihadis who murdered 130 people in Paris in November 2015 had just entered Europe as refugees. In February 2015, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. The Lebanese Education Minister said in September 2015 that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. On May 10, 2016, Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s DGSI internal intelligence agency, said that the Islamic State was using migrant routes through the Balkans to get jihadis into Europe.

“Pope Francis to Celebrate ‘Mass for Migrants’ in Vatican Basilica,” by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, July 5, 2018:

Pope Francis will celebrate a special “Mass for Migrants” this Friday at the main altar of Saint Peter’s Basilica to commemorate the fifth anniversary of his visit to migrants on the Italian island of Lampedusa, the Vatican announced Wednesday.

The Director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke, released a statement on the Vatican’s website alerting people to the Mass in support of migrants, which “will be a moment of prayer for the deceased, for survivors and for those who assist them.”

Mr. Burke said that some 200 people are expected to be present at the event, “including refugees and people who take care of them.”

In recent months, the Pope has launched a full-court press on behalf of migrants in the hopes of bringing about a “change in mindset” regarding immigration, insisting in a recent message that migrants do not pose a threat to society but are, rather, an enrichment.

“This demands a change in mindset,” he said. “We must move from considering others as threats to our comfort to valuing them as persons whose life experience and values can contribute greatly to the enrichment of our society.”

“For this to happen, our basic approach must be to encounter the other, to welcome, to know and to acknowledge him or her,” he added.

The pope’s support for free-flowing immigration has placed him on a collision course with populist leaders who are moving to stem the tide of international mass migration.

Last year, Francis said that a growing hostility toward migrants is stoked by “populist rhetoric,” adding that a failure to welcome migrants is rooted in selfishness.

A true change of heart is needed, the Pope said, because the rejection of migrants is “rooted ultimately in self-centeredness and amplified by populist rhetoric.”…

The Vatican has released the prayers for the pope’s Mass for Migrants to be celebrated this Friday, which include the following opening prayer:

O God, father of all men, for you no one is a stranger, no one is excluded from your fatherhood; look with love on refugees, those in exile, victims of segregation, and abandoned and helpless children, so that the warmth of a home and a homeland may to be given to all, and that we may be given a sensitive and generous heart towards the poor and oppressed. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your son, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.

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  1. [Announced on the same day as the anniversary of …]

    July 4 in Islamic history: Muslim leader, “his face joyful,” orders mass execution of Christians



    In my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, I recount what happened when Saladin’s forces defeated the Crusaders at Hattin on July 4, 1187.

    Saladin ordered the mass execution of his Christian opponents. According to his secretary, Imad ed-Din, Saladin “ordered that they should be beheaded, choosing to have them dead rather than in prison. With him was a whole band of scholars and Sufis and a certain number of devout men and ascetics; each begged to be allowed to kill one of them, and drew his sword and rolled back his sleeve.” The great jihad warrior took particular satisfaction in the scene: “Saladin, his face joyful, was sitting on his dais; the unbelievers showed black despair.” The warriors of jihad captured the True Cross and displayed it in Damascus, upside down.

    These kinds of actions are the aspiration of Islamic jihadis to this day.

  2. Lumpadumpa Derangement Syndrome Alert!
    Another photo-OP gig straight out of the ol’ Alinsky / Obamaomao / Cintonsky playbook.

  3. “Lumpadumpa” refers to the Isle of Lampedusa to which Don “Captain Kidd” Bergoglio and his pirate armada sailed (or rowed, perhaps) years back to kick off the Pontifical Parade of Endless PsyOp Gimmicks designed to punch liturgy, law and order as well as national sovereignty right in the kisser – all in the name of destabilizing Western civilization.

  4. My first impression was that you were making a sly reference to oompa-loompas. Want to jump in on this, Howl?

    • LOL! I did forget to squeeze in a line about the goofy backdrop for the “Gilligan’s Island Liturgy” that Long John Bergoglio used for that historically hysterical event…
      Howl can handle that expertly, tho!

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