Dreher: Priest’s Response

Letter From A Frustrated Parish Priest

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3 comments on “Dreher: Priest’s Response

  1. Sounds like a fruitcake (getting fussy about traditionalist vestments gives it away). What Catholic priest is going to turn to an apostate ex-convert schismatic journalist to comment on the sexual attractiveness and likelihood of fellow clerics marrying or not? Something not quite right with that letter. Doesn’t sound very priestly. Someone with a peeve against Father Z and his church politics.

  2. My very thoughts, Howl. In the current era of wheels within wheels agitprop, served up as “influential commentary,” the Mob, ever alert to any opportunity to dismiss and derogate traditionalists, may have hit upon creating “fake priests” who bloviate in the NYT and online.

  3. Notice the pivot away from known modernist pederasts (i.e., perverts, criminals, abusers) to issues of taste and style (Fr. Z’s blog and traditionalist vestments as a crisis for Catholicism). If that is what they are teaching at modernist seminaries the Church is in BIG trouble.

    They should be more worried about criminal perverts than showboating bloggers with quirks and idiosyncracies, if applicable, and vestment styles.

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