Vatican Police Harass Critics of Morales Regime

Vatican Police Harass Critics of Morales Regime

Gloria.TV News – 7/5/18

Bolivian women living in Italy have protested the presence of the Socialist Bolivian President Evo Morales in Saint Peter’s Square during the consistory on June 28. On their t-shirts, the women pointed out that Morales refuses to abandon his post although a famous referendum, held in February 2016, that would have allowed him to run for a third consecutive term was voted down. After the celebration, some of the women were brought to the Vatican police and kept there for hours, Corrispondenza Romana reports. They were interrogated and threatened with losing their Italian residence permit.

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2 comments on “Vatican Police Harass Critics of Morales Regime

  1. Let me see if I’ve got this straight: In a Western (ostensibly civilized, “free”) city of particular import to one billion “free” Catholics (i.e., each of whom possesses an intellect, a capacity to reason, a sense of good and evil and a natural right to act – including public speech – on matters pertaining to justice and the common good) some members of the fair sex, for just cause, shed light on a hideous public scandal involving a certain lefty pope and a socialist jackal being conducted in broad daylight by said commie-symp bishop of Rome and said commie political goon, and Vatican cops arrested and threatened …the WOMEN?
    One thing you have to say for lefties – every time it seems they can’t possibly top their last outrage, just count to ten and, sure enough, Don Vito Bergoglione will look you straight in the eye and tell you, flat-out, “Here, hold my beer!” 🇮🇹

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