Priest Goes to Get Sodomarried in the Canary Islands — Bishop: “He hasn’t asked to leave the priesthood”

Posted by Tancred on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Priest Goes to Get Sodomarried in the Canary Islands — Bishop: “He hasn’t asked to leave the priesthood”

[Did his bishop dispense from his vow of celibacy?  If so, then a new form of non-celibate clergy! If not, then a new form of attempted marriage (a non-marriage wherein one of the parties – priestly or religious – is still bound by a non-dispensed vow of celibacy or chastity)! – AQ Tom]

According to Matteo Matzuzzi, the Bishop of Verona, Giuseppe Zenti, who was assigned in 2007, in Italy, has said the following about his priest who ran off to the Canaries to get sodomarried.  He writes,

Veronese priest goes to the Canaries and gets married with his friend. The bishop: “He is still a priest, he has not asked to leave the priesthood. One of my predecessors had prevented his ordination, but he went to be ordained in Rieti.”

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  1. [More details from]

    Parish-Priest Runs Off to “Marry” a Man

    After more than 20 years as a priest, Father Giuliano Costalunga entered a sodo-marriage with a certain Pablo in Gran Canaria, Spain [a Spanish sodomite settlement similar to San Francisco’s Castro district, New York’s Fire Island, and Massachusetts’ Provincetown], an enthusiastic Corriere della Sera (July 4) reported.

    For the last ten years, Costalunga was a parish-priest in Selva di Progno, a mountain village in Verona diocese, Italy. Now, he has long grey hair, piercings and tatoos.


    There was a problem with Costalunga already when he was in seminary. Therefore, the Verona diocese refused to ordain him one month before the set date. But Costalunga got himself ordained in Rieti, Italy, and later returned to his home diocese.

    As a parish-priest he used to organize flash mobs in order to show through dancing that he belonged to the “Church of joy”.

  2. [More details from Church Militant]

    Italian Priest Flaunts ‘Marriage’ to Male Partner, Remains a Priest

    by Juliana Freitag • • July 4, 2018


    ‘Married’ in April, Fr. Giuliano Costalunga is yet to be laicized by his bishop

    Italian newspapers broke the news this week that a Venetian priest recently married his male partner in Spain, but remains a priest in his diocese. Father Giuliano Costalunga, a 48-year-old priest from the diocese of Verona, married his Spanish partner Pablo in April on one of the Canary Islands.


    Fr. Giuliano Costalunga in his former parish

    Costalunga was in charge of the parishes of Selva di Progno e Giazza until three years ago. Old press reports show that he created controversy among his flock for being “too modern” and for “having divided the community.” Corriere della Sera described him as “a young priest with revolutionary ideas,” and some of the parishioners referred to him as “the devil dressed in holy water.” The priest even went on a local TV show in 2015 to talk about the reactions to his leadership and present a dance group he helped create in his parishes.

    In April, he married his “notable collaborator,” an assistant he had met during his years of active ministry.

    Reportedly, when Costalunga announced his wedding, he said, “Finally, after 10 years, my dream has come true” — revealing Costalunga had been a homosexual for at least a decade. It was with “profound shame” that Bp. Giuseppe Zenti, bishop of Verona, confirmed the facts of Costalunga’s “marriage.”

    “It’s a really sad affair, for him and for our Church,” he said. “My predecessor had impeded his ordination, but Costalunga then went to be ordained in Rieti [in Lazio, a diocese close to Rome].”

    The bishop added, “Certainly, his personal case is a very sad and a very difficult one. He hasn’t asked to be laicized so he’s still a priest: If he doesn’t come forward soon, then we’ll have to act officially.”

    The bishop’s version was denied by Costalunga’s lawyer, Alex Dal Cero: “The choice to marry his partner was elaborated by Mr. Costalunga as a free citizen, and only after he formally communicated his decision to leave the clerical state.”

    According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, who consulted the lawyer, the priest had sent a registered letter to the diocese informing the bishop of his desire to leave the priesthood in February.

    Zenti spoke more at length with Avvenire, the Italian Bishops’ Conference newspaper:

    I have already been warned by Fr. Costalunga’s lawyer not to intervene, as “these are aspects of Mr. Costalunga’s private life.” Therefore it’s even harder for me to be expose this through declarations I would’ve preferred not to make. … [A]fter my installation in this diocese, followed by serious consultation with collaborators, and as a sign of trust in Fr. Giuliano Costalunga, I incardinated him. And I have been as close to him as possible. Consequently, I can’t hide all of my bitterness, which I would’ve rather kept in the silence of the bleeding heart of a father. There’s nothing left for me to do other than to entrust him [Costalunga] to the mercy of God.

    Avvenire also confirmed the bishop’s statements regarding the obstacles in Costalunga’s ordination: In 1995, Bp. Attilio Nicora refused to ordain Costalunga, who managed to be ordained anyway in 1996 in a different diocese. In 2000 the priest returned to Verona, where he worked as a parochial vicar and religion teacher. Once incardinated he took over the parishes of Selva di Progno e Giazza, which he left in 2015. Bishop Zenti is scheduled to be in Selva di Progno e Giazza next Thursday to speak to parishioners about the scandal.

  3. Falsity to the End: Bishop Embraces Pseudo-Married Sodomite Priest

    null – 7/8/18

    Bishop Giuseppe Zenti of Verona, Italy, spoke after the Rosary on July 5 in the parish of Selva di Progno whose priest Giuliano Costalunga ran off in order to sodomarry a Spanish man. Costalunga was present in the church.

    Bishop Zenti pointed out that Costalunga was an unfaithful priest who absented himself often for long periods of time without letting anybody know where he was. Only when the bishop cut off his stipend, he announced his intention to enter a sodomite pseudo-marriage.

    The bishop also told the faithful that Costalunga lied when confronted with rumours that a certain Pablo who lived with him in the presbytery, was his lover and threatened the bishop with a civil lawsuit for “defamation”.

    The bishop went on claiming that “I have no right to judge” [but why then does Pope Francis judge all the time?]. However, Zenti defended marriage and clarified that a sodomite pseudo-marriage is not according to the will of God.

    But he destroyed everything he said, when at the end of his homily, he addressed Costalunga with the words, “Go your way, freely.”

    After the service, surrounded by journalists and TV cameras, Bischof Zenti embraced his deceitful ex-priest.

  4. Jack Nicholson and the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, with walk-ons by surviving twit race contestants from the old Monty Python show, all directed by Mel Brooks, could never hope to top such an idiotic, pointless and outrageously Bergoglian a scene.
    (But then, Jack, Nurse Ratchet, Eric Idle and Mel prob’ly don’t keep up with the news releases flowing from Mob HQ in sunny Nuovo Roma or read Veronese newspapers… 😎)
    And yet, on the flip side, there is an old Fleetwood Mac tune that would have perfectly matched the obviously delusional bishop’s parting line. (Yeah, “Julie” prob’ly would just call it “another day”… 🎵🎼)

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