Vatican choir manager involved in financial scandal, Italian newspaper reports

Vatican choir manager involved in financial scandal, Italian newspaper reports

[The Italian newspaper also says that he has fled to the US, awaiting for his family to follow]

03 July 2018 | by Gregorio Sorgi

Vatican choir involved in financial scandal, Italian newspaper reports

Vatican-based Sistine Chapel Choir pictured here with director Massimo Palombella

Vatican has suspended administrative director, Michelangelo Nardella, and opened an internal investigation into his alleged financial misdoings

The Vatican’s choir is said to be involved in a financial scandal, according to reports from the Italian newspaper ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’.

The paper reports exclusively this morning (3 July), that the Vatican has suspended the administrative director of the Sistine Chapel Choir, Michelangelo Nardella, and opened an internal investigation into his alleged financial misdoings which are associated with the choir’s international trips. Il Fatto Quotidiano also reports that some of the signatures attributed to the Secretariat of State regarding the choir were forged.

The investigation is being led by the apostolic nuncio Mario Giordano, who has heard evidence from the director of the choir, monsignor Massimo Palombella, and from Mr Nardella.

The Vatican has suspended the choir’s trip to the United States, which was originally planned from 1 July to 26 July.

Mr Nardella and his family live in a 400-squared metre flat in central Rome, where cardinal Domenico Bertolucci used to live until he died in 2013. According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, both Nardella and his wife have their private offices inside the building. Nardella’s wife, a psychologist, controversially converted the former chapel of the building into her personal office.

In recent times, the Pope’s choir had not been involved in any major scandal [except for the perennial problem of older choir members trysting with one another or outsiders or diddling younger choristers! – AQ Tom].

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4 comments on “Vatican choir manager involved in financial scandal, Italian newspaper reports

  1. Great Googly Moogly! I know tax evasion has been an Italian national pastime for decades and that the Mob, Don Bergoglio currently reigning, has got its problems but… the Kappelmeister, too?
    What next?
    “Enzo Guggiliopessatti, Vatican gardner, was frog-marched by the Polizei from his 6400 sq. meter condo, adjoining the lush Paulo Sesto Composting Center, after two unidentified witnesses reported suspicious meetings between the gardner and known bagmen for George Soros…. Film at 11.” 🎥 😎🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  2. Vatican Denies Scandal in Sistine Choir – 7/4/18

    The news report of the pro-Francis outlet about Michelangelo Nardella, the manager of the Sisting Choir, is all wrong according to Andrea Tornielli, a de facto speaker of Pope Francis writing on Vatican Insider (July 4).

    What presented as a Nardella’s “flight” to the U.S., is according to Tornielli a simple holiday. The tour of the Sistine Choir in the United States was not suspended by the Vatican but by the American organisers.

    There is only a minor disciplinary action against Nardella because he sent without permission from the Secretary of State a greeting of Pope Francis to a convention, using a text written previously for a similar occasion.

    Source:Vatican Insider (Italian only):ANDREA TORNIELLI: Coro della Sistina, nessun ammanco e nessuna “fuga” all’estero (Sistine Choir, no shortage and no “escape” abroad)

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