Mexican bishops urge collaboration after election of leftist López Obrador 

[The new prez pushed all the right buttons to appeal to the Mexican people and bishops (and also the NuVatican?). Will there be confrontation with the Church over issues such as the party’s advocacy of abortion and sodomarriage followed by possible persecution and resistance (a new Cristero movement?)? – AQ Tom] 
Catholic World News – 7/3/18
L’Osservatore Romano (7/3 Italian edition) devoted prominent front-page coverage to López Obrador’s resounding victory. The Vatican newspaper noted that the candidate pledged to combat violence, corruption, and drug trafficking, as well as to improve economic conditions, so that no Mexican citizen would need to emigrate because of hardship.
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10 comments on “Mexican bishops urge collaboration after election of leftist López Obrador 

  1. What does Mexico’s radical new president mean for the Church?

    by Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith – posted Monday, 2 Jul 2018

    Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador toned down the rhetoric during the campaign, but what will he do in office?

    The election of AMLO, as everyone calls Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, as the next president of Mexico, should come as no surprise to anyone. AMLO has been campaigning for the job for the last 18 years, and everyone is absolutely sick of the PRI, the party that governed Mexico for over a hundred years, and PAN, the party that replaced it a couple of decades ago. Moreover, Mexico is now fast becoming a failed state, with a rising tide of violence and endemic corruption. Not surprisingly, many people have seen AMLO as their only hope, indeed as their last hope.

    AMLO himself has made himself more electable of late by muting some of his leftist rhetoric in the search for allies, and being notably silent or coy on some of the issues that are dear to progressive hearts the world over such as gay marriage and abortion. This in itself may point to the fact that AMLO is simply dishonest, or it may be a sign that he is a pragmatist; or it could be sign that he is not hostile to Catholicism, though what his religious beliefs are, if any, remains hard to discern.

    One thing should always be remembered, and that is that Mexico, more than any other country, has been scarred by a history of violent anti-clericalism. It is certainly to be hoped that AMLO has the sense to let sleeping dogs lie and not reopen the wounds of the past.

    When I was first in Mexico, shortly before the election of 2006, which AMLO lost by a narrow margin, he was viewed with distrust and fear bordering on loathing in many quarters. In those days he was seen as a dangerously revolutionary figure. It now remains to be seen just how much of his radicalism has survived the long march to power.

    AMLO has campaigned on an anti-corruption ticket, as one would expect. But the real test will come when he is confronted by the tangled knot that binds Mexican government power at all levels to the drug cartels. What will he do about the drug war that has cost so many lives? In this he has been far from clear about specific policy, but in this matter he has the chance to make a real difference. Let us hope he does. One thing is certain: Mexico does not need more of the same. That has already failed. Everyone must hope AMLO’s courage does not fail, as he will certainly need it; and everyone must hope and pray AMLO will be different: Mexicans certainly need that. What they don’t need is yet another failed populist.

    At the time of writing, I can detect no reaction on the website of the Mexican Bishops’ conference to the AMLO victory. Their statement for the election is about “constructing a better Mexico for everyone” which seems pretty safe, but one wonders what they will make of AMLO and he of them. In addition, one wonders how AMLO will get on with the Pope, given the way that their talk about the poor and the left behind has, on the surface at least, much in common, and given too the fact that the Pope’s relations with the Mexican bishops have not always been smooth. Interesting times lie ahead!

  2. The biggest losers in Mexico’s election? The [US] Democrats

    By Monica Showalter – 7/2/18

    Every election has winners and losers, and Mexico’s is no exception. While the press is making much of Mexico’s centrist PRI and center-right PAN parties being the big losers in last night’s election of socialist Andrés Manuel López-Obrador in Mexico, the real loser is actually up north, in the U.S. Democratic Party.

    Sounds strange until you look at the details.

    After all the ideological compatibility between AMLO’s new lefty MORENA party and the increasingly socialist U.S. Democrats seems to be identical.

    Both favor heavy social spending, forced unionization of workers, political patronage, Chicago-style political muscle, and fealty to the ideals of the Socialist International. It’s what most socialists do until they run out of Other People’s Money.

    Democrats have staked their future on uneducated, needy illegals forming the base of their party’s fortunes. In Mexico, AMLO has done the same thing. The problem comes because the Mexicans in question are the same people.

    AMLO’s social spending policies are likely to draw Mexicans illegally here in the U.S. back to Mexico. If you have a choice of taking welfare benefits here or welfare benefits there, it’s likely you’ll go for them in your home country, where the language is the same, the Migra isn’t out looking for you, and you know your way around the culture. That’s bad news for the Democrats, who rely on illegals to lard up their electoral college votes in blue states, increase federal spending based on head counts here, and actually vote illegally in elections, particularly in districts where very few people are in the country legally.

    It goes to show that even with ideological conformity, nations have interests, and interests most certainly can conflict.

    For many years, I had wondered why what passes for Mexico’s conservatives always seemed to be so fiercely aligned to U.S. Democrats. Why was former Mexican president Vicente Fox, Mexico’s first elected conservative via the PAN party, always such a shill for Democrats? Why was President Felipe Calderón, who came after him, almost as obnoxious? Why did these people so advocate for an end to U.S. borders and denounce the American people as Nazis for opposing them, despite their being fairly conservative and ideologically recognizable on every other issue?

    It turns out their political fortunes were built on getting as many indigent Mexicans out of the country as possible. Their governments benefited from their absence, both from remittances and in the way they lowered social costs for the Mexican government in terms of housing them, educating them, and providing them with income and health care among other things. For a conservative government focused on fiscal discipline, it was most certainly in their interest to drive as many of Mexico’s poor to El Norte, the better to get the gringo to pay, an old Mexican custom dating from the war of 1848.

    Democrats in the U.S., in turn, lapped up the new migrants, with California’s Democratic gov. Jerry Brown announcing “you’re all welcome here.” His party benefited, and the more, the better. The Catholic bishops also benefited, hence Steve Bannon’s admittedly harsh analysis that the Church was all in for illegals even as it claimed to believe in the rule of law, because of its interest in “filling the pews.”

    Now comes AMLO, whose big plan is to enact social welfare programs in Mexico, a move that is sure to draw many Mexicans back to their home country. It makes sense from his point of view and the viewpoint of his national interest, given that Mexico can no longer afford to lose people. Demographically, the median age is rising there, the population growth has gone flat, and incomes have passed the $7,000-a-year threshold, below which is said to trigger illegal immigration.

    Nations always have interests, and this one conflicts with the U.S. Democratic Party’s interest, which, up until now, aligned with the interests of Mexico’s conservatives.

    AMLO, if you look carefully at his words, seems cognizant of Democrats recognizing this and maybe getting angry about it, thus he has offered up to his ideological coevals in the States the “human right” of illegal immigration to the U.S. as a sop, using other people’s countries instead of his own. Here are his words:

    Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) declared mass immigration to the United States a “human right” for all North Americans during a speech Tuesday.

    “And soon, very soon – after the victory of our movement – we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”

    He then declared migration “a human right we will defend,” reports.

    What we are looking at here is a bid to ship illegals from other countries through Mexico to the U.S. (to keep Democrats happy), while implicitly discouraging Mexican illegal immigration, which has drained the country of talent. There is no other explanation for such a policy. Turning Mexico into a road stop for illegals from Central America and elsewhere by calling it a “human right” is frankly toxic for Mexico, because it will empower cartels and give Mexico’s government nothing, not even remittances, and plenty of enmity with the U.S. What’s more, it should serve as an electoral mobilizer for Republicans, who will be angry at the move.

    Net effect: another loss for Democrats, in terms of lost people it intended to build its party fortunes on and in energizing Republicans. They’re not going to like this.

    • Good Article! I was hoping the new president of Mexico 🇲🇽 would grant amnesty to all the US Bishops and let them resettle in Mexico to administer to all the oppressed they claim to love and cherish! McElroy to Tijuana, El Paso Bishop Seitz to Juarez, the New Mexico and Texas bishops along with Florida to parts of Mexico and Central America, along with those clown 🤡 leftist clerics who met in Albuquerque, to Venezuela and other failed States they admire so much! In fact, drain the whole USCCCB, send those treasonous left-wing losers, to become street priests in major cities throughout the world 🌎! Africa would be a good start! Since they all love Muslims, Nigeria would be a good dropping off point. This would solve many problems! It would stop 🛑 tax dollars from flowing into those dioceses, curtail treasonous activity by these left-wing losers, and maybe stop this LGBT and Global Warming BS they are pushing! Since the Churches in Mexico send narco-alms, cartel drug 💰 money to the Vatican 🇻🇦 to be laundered, let the Bishops in Mexico live off that and stop US tax dollars flowing to Mexico! McElroy’s new coat of arms in Mexico would be the Burrito 🌯 and the Banditto! Win-win for everyone!

  3. Mexico can only right itself by dint of the people who live there. Electing one more socialist fathead won’t help much.

  4. “Tom” said:
    “Will there be confrontation with the Church over issues such as the party’s advocacy of abortion and sodomarriage followed by possible persecution and resistance (a new Cristero movement?)?”

    If Pius XI had them excommunicated, what chance that Bergoglio wouldn’t do the same?

  5. “Tom” wrote:
    “Now comes AMLO, whose big plan is to enact social welfare programs in Mexico, a move that is sure to draw many Mexicans back to their home country. It makes sense from his point of view and the viewpoint of his national interest, given that Mexico can no longer afford to lose people.”

    The social welfare benefits provided to the so-called poor in the US, compare to benefits available only to the wealthy in third world countries. No “poor” person gets reasonable medical or dental or food stamps or free section 8 housing as the morally degenerate “poor” in the US. The US provides section 8 housing with heat, air conditioning, utilities, WIFI and cellphones to unwed mothers and unwed couples breeding many of our street’s delinquent children…or aborting them.
    Mexico’s new government’s challenge will be where to draw the line.

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