Former bishop molested boys, Cheyenne diocese reveals 

[Apparently they’re offering up retired old-geezer bishops such as him (he’s 86) and 87 year-old Cardinal McCarrick as sacrificial lambs to satisfy the demand that something be done with sex-abusing/-pervert bishops so as to coverup the younger and still active ones engaging in such! – AQ Tom]  
Catholic World News – 7/3/18
The Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming, has announced that Bishop Joseph Hart, who led the diocese from 1978 to 2001, was guilty of sexual abuse. The diocese said that an earlier investigation, which cleared the bishop of charges in 2002, was “flawed.” Bishop Hart, who retired at the age of 70, has insisted that the charges—and earlier charges of abuse during his term as a priest in Kansas City—are false.
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