What Catholic Traditionalists Foresaw Then – We See Fulfilled Now

[What Catholic Traditionalists Foresaw Then – We See Fulfilled Now]
Tesa (via Gloria.TV) – 7/2/18
The moral corruption… just flashes its icy look and smile on different faces. We see it in Pope Francis inviting Cardinal Godfried Danneels to participate as an elder statesmen in the Synods on the Family, though Daneels had helped cover up the abuse of a young man by Father Roger Vangheluwe, the victim’s uncle. We see it in the way disgraced men such as Cardinal Roger Mahoney are still allowed to haunt their diocese. Even Bishop Rembert Weakland, who embezzled funds from his diocese to pay off his lover. We see it in Miami, where the former archbishop had a side business selling Spanish fly. And this is just the most basic sexual and financial corruption. Undergirding both is a spiritual and intellectual corruption.
Modern American society drives people to become Christians, and then the Catholic Church drives them away.
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