Neo-Cardinal Becciu Asks For “Obedience” Without Faith – 7/2/18

Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, a blind follower of Pope Francis, has praised the “old guard” [of opportunists] in the Vatican who is “obeying immediately” even when having difficulty implementing decisions. According to Catholic doctrine, to obey in matters that oppose the Faith, is sinful.

Talking to The Tablet (June 27) – a radical outlet which ironically for decades has promoted disobedience to the Faith – Becciu describes the behaviour of the “old guard” like this, “Once the reform becomes a norm, they obey.”

Becciu takes his distorted concept of “obedience” to attack the Dubia-Cardinals who, however, never voiced “disobedience”, on the contrary, they humbly asked questions in conformity with regular procedures.

“To them I say: the Pope that we have is this one. Jesus Christ gave him to us, so we must follow him”. None of this was ever put in questions by the cardinals who issued the Dubia.

Becciu continues pontificating, “I can disagree with Francis on certain issues, but I do not publicly demonstrate this disagreement”, adding: “Disobedience destroys the ecclesial fabric.”

Again, the Dubia cardinals expressed neither disagreement nor disobedience in front of Francis. They humbly asked questions which Francis, to this day has refused to acknowledge.

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4 comments on “Neo-Cardinal Becciu Asks For “Obedience” Without Faith

  1. [A pontification from His neo-Eminence]

    Cardinal Becciu: other EU nations should assist Italy and Greece in receiving migrants

    Catholic World News – 7/2/18

    The prominent Vatican official said that “migrants are human beings, not numbers. It may be unpopular to defend the marginalized today, but neither the Pope nor the Church can fail in their mission.” He made his remarks as the migrant rescue ship Lifeline docked in Malta and the head of the European Council said that the EU must tackle the crisis soon to ward off a rising “authoritarianism” [excluding its own in the form of decrees from the Brussels HQ! – AQ Tom].

  2. I think AQ should immediately begin posting daily self-teaching lessons in both Polish or Hungarian. That may pay off sooner than we might expect.

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